Home Improvement: 8 Ways To Make Your House Smell Heavenly

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When you walk into a house, you want it to smell heavenly. Oftentimes, this isn’t the case. It’s worse when you invite a friend over and the first thing they comment about is the smell. However, bad smells in the house aren’t completely your fault. Your house is prone to any odour causing elements such as leftover food, trash and even dirty clothes. If you ever wonder how certain hoses smell good all the time, here are ways to make your house smell heavenly as well.

  1. Take Out The Trash

Before going to bed, make sure your trash isn’t in the house. This is usually the leading cause of odours in our house. Additionally, it’s easily avoidable. If you live in an apartment, you can leave the trash can on the balcony instead of your kitchen. Once it fills up, make sure you dispose of it accordingly. Don’t stay with trash for over a week as it’s both unhygienic and prone to stinkiness.

  1. Air Everything Out

Make sure you air all the stinky culprits at least twice a month. There are certain home items that easily get damp and musty. This includes seats, beddings, and carpets where you spend most of the day. You should air them out regularly to prevent that damp smell.

  1. Cook Something Delicious

Everybody loves the smell of good food. when you walk past a restaurant or a bakery, you’ll most likely turn to savour the smell. Whether it’s a baked good or grilled food, the scent of a delicious meal will make your house smell heavenly.

  1. Use Scented Cleaners

Cleaning your surfaces with scented products will give you a long-term solution. A good cleaning session is enough to eliminate any bad smell. You can add to it by using scented cleaners. The fresh smell will linger on and the more you use it the longer it lasts. Check out 10 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your House Spotless

  1. Add More Plants And Flowers

Apart from beautifying your home, plants and flowers make it smell heavenly. Plants purifying the air indoors while flowers offer pleasant fragrances. You can opt for a variety of different plants and flowers such as jasmines and lilies that are known for their sweet scents. Check out How To Take Care OF Your Potted Plants

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  1. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils are all everyone is talking about right now. They provide a wide range of scents that are used for aromatherapy. Get yourself a kit, add a few drops, turn it on and relax. Your house will smell heavenly while you unwind. 10 Essential Oils That Are Good For Your Health And Wellbeing

  1. Clean Stinky Shoes

This is another huge stink culprit. If you want your house to smell heavenly, deal with stinky shoes. Once you’ve removed your shoes, make sure you clean them. Don’t let dirty shoes pile up as this will cause a stench in your house.

  1. Burn Scented Candles

Invest in a couple of scented candles to make your house smell heavenly and cozy. It’s also the easiest way. Depending on your taste, you can go for sweet or warm smells. Additionally, you can place candles around your house so you can light them when you’re in that room. Lifestyle: 7 Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles In Your Home

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