Service Review: Nairobi Florist – Same Day Flowers Delivery

Flower arrangement from Nairobi Florist

There comes a time when a bouquet of flowers says it all. However, buying flowers for whichever reason is one of the most daunting if not nerve-racking experiences a person can go through, especially a first-time buyer. Therefore, I appreciate when companies like Nairobi Florist who offer same day flower delivery and go out of their way to make that experience as seamless as possible.

The process was:

I went through a couple of online florists who offered delivery as part of their package. I then googled what different bouquet combinations meant:

  1. Colour
  2. Arrangement
  3. Combinations
  4. Type

Getting this right is the first and major signal you want to send to the recipient of the flowers. For me, I wanted a more unique combination different for the cliché roses. After using Google, I found the right combination and colour then scrolled through the various sites to see who had this at that moment. Since it was rather an emergency purchase, I needed someone with same day delivery option. Ironically, I stumbled upon Same Day Flower Delivery.

Flower arrangement from Nairobi Florist

It did take some doing but after a few minutes of searching, I found this company and they had what I needed. They also offered note writing to go with the flowers which were perfect.

I made the order online through their website then called the person-in-charge to verify my order was being processed. It was and I proceeded to send my message VIA text/WhatsApp to have it written on the accompanying card. Their timely response and great customer service were absolutely impressive.

At this point everything was going perfect till it got to delivery, having no proper addresses, navigating the maze that is Nairobi can be hectic.

Luckily for me, knowing or having a landmark to pin a position to was key. In this case, it was a supermarket/mini-mall. Asking and giving the rider or delivery person a number to call usually mitigates the headaches accompanying the logistics.

As a value addendum, the florist even called ahead to let the recipient know they should expect the package. Additionally, they asked for a waypoint at which the parties could meet. The delivery was quick and seamless and I only had to check in once. They also had pocket-friendly prices and the delivery a steal given the distance.

Flowers from Nairobi Florist

I would definitely recommend such kind of service to anyone thinking of sending flowers to that important somebody in their lives.

The flowers were just as they appeared on their website. They were fresh and nicely packaged. They also have a great selection of gifts to accompany these lovely flowers including chocolates, champagne and teddy bears. Each item contains its price range which ranges from Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 8, 000. They guarantee a 2-hour delivery time which took approximately the same time and cost an extra Ksh 600.

Generally, they are reliable and their service is impeccable. Next time you’re looking to surprise that special someone, give Nairobi Florist a try.

You can reach them through their email [email protected], phone number +254713777647 or at their physical location in View Park Towers, 20th floor, suite 9.

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