Product Review: Miniso Grape Seed Moisturizing Facial Spray

Miniso Grape Seed Moisturizing Facial Spray

The sun is out for vengeance. I don’t know how everyone’s coping but I feel like burnt sacrifice every time I step out. Sweating strips the skin of its natural oils due to loss of moisture and sodium in sweat. Therefore, it’s natural for your skin to feel dehydrated even if you’re drinking enough water. If you watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, you’ll notice many beauty gurus using a facial spray. Additionally, facial spray is a huge part of Korean skin care treatment. Beauty: Try This 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine For Great Skin

I recently discovered that a facial spray isn’t just fancy water for your face. It contains properties that keep your skin both hydrated and cool. So, when I was out shopping and spotted this Miniso Grape seed Hydrating Facial Spray, I decided to give it a try.

The Product

I chose the Miniso grape seed one since grape seed not only because it smells amazing but also it helps enhance moisture on the skin. However, there are other flavours available including Rose.

Right when you use the product, you’ll feel a tingling sensation. The Miniso Moisturizing Facial Spray contains aqua, glycerin, castor oil and grape seed extracts among other ingredients. These oils restore moisture to your skin while the aqua cools your skin. Additionally, the oils lock in moisture so you’re not as sweaty as when you don’t use this facial spray.

Miniso facial spray has become like my holy grail during this hot season. Not only does it help my skin retain its natural glow but also it helps minimize sweating. Also, thanks to its amazing scent, I don’t have to worry about smelling sweaty. My face smelt as fresh as it looked. After using the product, my pores felt tighter and I experience minimal sweating.

It’s a good product to use with makeup as well to prevent it from running. If you don’t have setting spray, the Miniso Facial Spray does the trick as well.

Miniso Grape Seed Moisturizing Facial Spray

The Package

It comes in a simple deodorant-like 180ml bottle. However, it’s slimmer and can fit comfortably in your bag. You’ll want to carry it everywhere with you. It’s also more attractive to the eye than your ordinary deodorant bottle.

The bottle contains labelling, image and instructions on how to use this product. It says that you spray on your face then wipe off with a cotton pad later. If you’re not in a hurry, you can let it set as it will keep you from sweating longer.

The Cost

The Miniso Moisturizing Facial Spray is available in all Miniso stores in Kenya. It goes for approximately Ksh 380. Compared to other facial sprays in the market, this one is quite affordable and it does a good job.

The Verdict

As mentioned earlier, Miniso facial spray is my new favourite thing right now. It has helped me a lot during this sweaty weather and I’ll always have a bottle in my bag. I’ve seen great results compared to other hot seasons where I’d experience breakouts and dryness. Therefore, I recommend this product to anyone who cares about their skin.

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