Beauty: 6 Sleek Hairstyles For Short Hair

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Did you go for the big chop and now you don’t know how to style your short hair? Maybe you’re just tired of the same old look. This is a big challenge for most people who opt to cut their hair short. There aren’t that many sleek hairstyles for short hair – or so you think. There are a couple of ways to slay after the big chop and it can look both classy and trendy when styled well. Here are some hairstyles inspirations for short hair.

  1. Sidecut

If you’re feeling edgy, you can try the sidecut. This is also one of the most popular styles for short hair. Side cuts come on all shapes. First, you can go for a simple and subtle line on each side. Additionally, the double line or abstract figures is a hot treand right now. This all depends on how far you’re willing to go for that unique and trendy look. Regardless, the results will turn a few heads.

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  1. Glossy Pixie

Like clockwork, this hairstyle is back like it never left. You may want to cut your hair just to try this look. It works on so many levels – classy, trendy, easy and stunning. You’ll need to relax your hair. Once you do this apply some shine serum and sleek back with a tail comb. Furthermore, you can tame those loose hairs with a toothbrush and some styling gel.

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  1. Blonde Baddie

You can borrow a leaf from Amber Rose and dye your hair all blonde. This really transforms your look from basic to baddie. Additionally, several Kenyan celebrities have followed suit including social media personality Joy Kendi. Again, this is not for the faint-hearted and you must have the personality to match the hairstyle. You can also do other colours as well, like a fiery red.

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  1. Buzz Cut

You probably know how hard it is to maintain short hair so why don’t you try a more practical hairstyle – the buzz cut. It’s short, chic and easy to maintain. Additionally, it involves shaving most of your hair off and leaving a nice, sleek shadow. It one of the easiest to maintain as all you need is to oil it. This hairstyle will also make you stand out while bringing out your beauty.

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5. Top-Knot With Shaved Sides

Top knots are a big trend and the short hair community has not been left behind. This hairstyle incorporates the best of both worlds – sleek, shaved sides and a classy top bun. You can either use braids or extensions to achieve this look. it also works well for men and gives you a stylish appearance.

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6. Gatsby Glam

Enhance your short curls with a touch of old Hollywood glamour. This beautiful, diva hairstyle is often spotted on the red carpet or in old movies. However, more people are taking it to the streets and it looks fantastic not to mention, sexy. It’s also super easy to achieve. All you need is a tail comb and your fingers to make the waves.

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