Boy Sexually Harassed By Teacher At St. James High School Kegonge, Embu


A couple of days ago somebody I know sent me an audio of a boy talking about how he had been sexually harassed by his teacher as he was punished for something. It is sad when kids are abused by their teachers who should be looking out for them.

Below is a post by the person who sent me the audio.

We need to protect children, and it is sad when kids are abused by their teachers who should be looking out for them.

Sexual harassment cases have grown rampant in our schools. Students are being targeted by teachers and they are getting assaulted. This, coming from people in authority prevents students from speaking out. The Teacher Service Commission (TSC), recently gave a report noting that over 1000 teachers were de-registered for sexual crimes against their students.
Despite the astonishing number, these cases are not new in schools and they are likely not going to stop soon if stern action is not taken against perpetrators.

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A Form two student from St. James High School Kegonge Embu narrates his ordeal in the hands of a teacher which happened on Wednesday.

“I had gone to look for my history teacher because I had a question. I did not find him in the office. A friend of mine, who was also looking for the same teacher asked me where I thought Mr. Wanyoike was. I innocently inferred that he might have gone for the guidance and counselling session which was being held at Kyeni girls. In the evening, My friend went to the office and luckily, he found Mr. Wanyoike. On coming back to class, he told me the teacher wanted to see me, so, I went.”

“Mr. Wanyoike was angry and he asked me why I had lied using his name. I explained to him that it was just an innocent assumption, but he would have none of it. He started beating me. After a while and many lashes later he asked me if I was circumcised to which I answered yes. Mr. Wanyoike told me that he needed to confirm that and asked me to remove my trousers. I refused. He went ahead and removed my clothes, took my penis in his hand and then continued beating me.”

“I was so scared and humiliated. I told my guidance and counseling teacher Mr. Ireri, who is also the school pastor, who told me to just forgive. I reported it to another teacher who advised me to talk to the administration. Before I got to the administration, my friends, who I had told had told the other boys and there was outrage. The administration found out on Friday. ”

The humanity of most students has been compromised by the actions of the teachers in the school. There are allegations of teachers taking student as their lovers and others beating children while they are naked. The school administration has failed to deal with the issue. They told the form 2’s to forget about it and gave them soda and bread as a bribe.

The school isolated some of the boys friends and disregarded the feelings of the rest of the school. It’s true that divide and conquer is the perfect strategy when it comes to injustice prevailing.

The student also states that another teacher was present in that same office as the act was being done. This is yet to be fully confirmed. The boy’s parents are unaware of the ordeal their son went though and even though the student admits that he is still hurting, he states that he just wishes all this would pass.


The school administration refuses to listen to the students and continues to impose its will. For all these reasons and more, the Form Four students walked out of school on 18th of March. They were later told to pay 3700/= for damages caused yet there were none. The students were then given suspension letters for two weeks without regard for their complaints. They were not allowed to get back into the school and no one talked to them.

It is paramount that the Ministry of Education puts in place systems and policies that deal with sexual harassments in school so that head teachers do not cover up for their teachers. Sexual harassment cases in boys’ school are not persecuted with the same vigor as those in girls’ schools.

All the parents and the students want is a holistic environment to conduct studies. Accountability is also required in these kind of situations.

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  1. I as a student too……. I’m not happy because of the news I just read…if I am the one who faced the tragedy…..I would be suffering alot….I would never cope up with the situation because it’s 💯 serious…. reverting to my normal way of life…it would be kinda what impossible…. because depression would over take me…..stress would like part of my life style……Soo the teacher who did it is not iven supposed to be teaching at this time… supposed to be in jail… he gay…. taking a man’s penis to his hands……. that’s messed up… people in power….plz take it serious because it is and take a serious action