6 Black Women Who Advocate For Sex Positivity

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Slut shaming, sexual abuse and exploitation are things many women go through and go against sex positivity. Throughout history, society has viewed women as sexual objects. Their main objective in life was to have children and basically, do as they are told. However, more women are owning their sexuality and advocating others to do so. Whether it’s through their crafts, social media or organizing marches, these strong black women know a thing or two about sex positivity.

  1. Zanele Muholi

The South African based photographer came into the limelight last year after her arrest for displaying nude art at her gallery. She is a huge advocate for black women and sex positivity which reflects in her captivating images. Particularly, she challenges the stereotypical standards of beauty set by western countries. Her self-portraits capture the diversity of African women. She is also a co-founder of a forum in South Africa that fights for the rights of black lesbians who face prejudice and brutal violence. She is unapologetic, fierce and embodies what a true sex-positive feminist.

  1. Feminista Jones

You’ve probably come across her blunt tweets and blog posts about sex positivity and being a black feminist. This admirable woman doesn’t sugar-coat or mince her words. She tells it as it is and is quick to call out the patriarchy for social justice. She has often spoken on #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHerName movements but her most profound advocacy is for black queer people to utilize social media for social change.

  1. Amber Rose

To many, she’s simply a former exotic dancer and the ex to many high profile rappers. But Amber Rose has used her platform to let people know that your past should not define you. She is the founder of Amber Rose SlutWalk where women who have been victims of sexual abuse or exploitation gather in support of one another. She also advocates for the fair treatment of women in sex industries as they are subjected to physical and emotional abuse.

Participants at the Amber Rose SlutWalk image from https://www.bustle.com/p/5-sex-positive-takeaways-from-amber-roses-slutwalk-2758195

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

She delivered a powerful speech in her famous TED Talk titled “We Should All Be Feminists”. Apart from discussing how feminism affects both men and women, she talked about how girls are raised to be ashamed of their sexuality. She passionately described how such double standards have negative effects on girls as they are raised to see each other as competitors for men. Book Review: Purple Hibiscus By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  1. Laverne Cox

She is a recurring actress in ‘Orange Is The New Black’ on Netflix. However, Laverne does a lot for the transgender community who are yet to be accepted in society. Being a transgender woman herself, she talks candidly about her experience in Hollywood and also growing up as a gay and black. She has also used her worldwide platform to highlight such struggles. For instance, she starred in a documentary called Free Cece which is about a trans woman who was sentenced to jail because of defending herself from a hate crime.

6. Nice Nailantei Leng’ete

This young Kenyan woman isn’t on Time’s Most Influential People for nothing. She has worked tirelessly to save over 15,000 girls from undergoing Female Genital Mutilation. FGM is one of the biggest crimes against women and their sexuality. However, it’s still a common practice in Kenya and other places in the world. Young girls undergo this mutilation in the name of “becoming a woman”. In reality, this practice leaves you with complications for the rest of your life.

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