Fashion: 8 Beautiful Swimsuits For Every Body Type

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Swimsuit weather is with us but most people still struggle to find their perfect swimsuits. Many factors come into play when choosing a swimsuit or swimming costume. Apart from shopping for stunning swimsuits, it’s important to consider your body type as well. What looks good on a size 6 body might not look good on a size 14. Additionally, choosing the right swimsuit could help you appreciate your body type more. Here are several swimsuits for every body type.

  1. Deep-V

For the small-chested gang, a deep-v swimsuit might not seem like the best idea. However, it creates a cleavage illusion thus accentuating your curves. Generally, girls with small breasts don’t have to worry about support so this design works perfectly. Go for swimsuits with padding to add on to your chest area.

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  1. Bandeau Bikini

This swimwear design complements women with medium to large breasts. It helps give the illusion of smaller and perkier breasts. Additionally, some swimsuit designs come with a halter to offer support. You can play around with bright colours and patterns to draw more attention to the swimsuit.

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  1. High-Neck Bikini

Who said you can’t look both sexy and innocent? This sweet swimsuit design complements a slim figure perfectly. The high neck design elongates your lean shape while showing enough skin to keep things sexy. You can go for floral designs to add to the playful vibe this swimsuit has.

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  1. Backless Monokini

Not only is this one of the most stylish swimsuits but also, it’s ideal for a curvy body. It hides a thick mid-section well while complementing your general figure. It shows off a lot of skin giving you a sexy look as you lounge around the pool or take a swim. You’ll definitely turn some heads with this swimsuit. It goes well with fun colours and patterns.

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  1. High Waist Bikini

If you can’t seem to get rid of that stubborn tummy, you don’t need to worry. High-waist swimsuits are a huge trend right now. It slims your midsection while still looking stylish. Additionally, it creates an illusion of wider hips thus giving you an hourglass figure.

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  1. Fringe Swimsuit

You can reduce the appearance of large breasts with a little distraction on that area. Go for swimsuits that have frills to give you a more proportional figure. They have a fun and flirty aspect while complementing your body type.

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  1. Belted One Piece

This amazing swimsuit design gives you a feminine shape as it draws attention to your waist and hips. Additionally, it works for slim to curvy body types since it covers enough while still looking elegant. It’s the perfect swimsuit for a beach getaway or a pool party.

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  1. Ruffle Bikini

Finally, getting cute swimsuits when you’re top-heavy can be an uphill task. For girls with a bigger upper body, wearing bikini bottoms with ruffles helps widen your hips thus giving you a flattering look. It also draws attention away from your upper body. No to mention, ruffles are on-trend.

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