Don’t Just Be A Bystander: 5 Ways To Intervene And Help A Sexual Harassment Victim

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Women face sexual harassment on a daily basis. For some, this happens in the most absurd places. When Joanna Chiu boarded a half-empty plane, she looked forward to lounging on a whole aisle by herself. However, it wasn’t long before she had a disturbing conversation. An older guy made sexual remarks towards a seemingly teenage girl. The older man went as far as to ask the girl for “dirty” pictures. That’s when she knew she had to intervene. You can check out the thread.

In the wake of #MeToo movement and the likes, it’s more crucial than ever to look out for each other. By intervening, you can stop sexual harassment from becoming something worse. Not only will you have helped an innocent woman but also, you’ll stop the harasser from doing more harm. Make sure you have a plan before helping a sexual harassment victim.

  1. Assess The Situation

Before intervening, it’s important to assess the situation otherwise things could go south really fast. If it’s a group address the leader but don’t seem confrontational. Make sure you’ve called the police before or asked for help from the public.

  1. Create A Distraction

This is a simple way of stepping in a sexual harassment situation without drawing too much attention. You can divert the conversation or ask questions that will let the harasser know that you’re aware of his intentions. Chances are, he’ll take the hint and leave. You can also pull them away from their harasser Ask questions like, “Can you show me where to find something?” In this case, Joanna confronted the man after the situation preventing things from getting really uncomfortable.

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  1. Group Intervention

There’s power in numbers. Confronting a harasser alone might not bear fruits, but a crowd sure will. You can rally other bystanders to help the victim. Additionally, you can seek the help of someone in authority such as a teacher, security guard or older adult. If you go out with your friends, make sure you look out for each other. You’re less likely to face sexual harassment in a group.

  1. Show Support

Sexual harassment victims often feel humiliated and isolated. Therefore, showing your support for them and acknowledging the harassment makes them feel more understood. You can let them know that you saw what the harasser did and encourage them to take action. Furthermore, you can accompany them to make a report with the human resource manager.

  1. Build Security

If you’re at work or sharing a space with other people, make sure you follow security protocol. Don’t invite strangers into your space without verification. It’s easy to expose your fellow workmate to sexual harassment by overlooking security measures. Be sure that nobody follows you inside the building. You shouldn’t leave the doors unlocked whether or not there’s someone in the room. How To Deal With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Tip: Don’t confront the harasser directly as it may escalate to a situation that puts all of you in danger. Instead, use the tips above to help a victim of sexual harassment.

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