Climate Change And The Environment: How Can You Eliminate Greenhouses Gases In Your Household?

Effects of climate change

Global Warming is one of the world’s ticking time bombs. The world’s climatic patterns have drastically changed over the years and they are only getting worse. The greenhouse effect is mentioned a lot whenever we talk about climatic changes. It is the natural process that warms up the Earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases are any kind of gasses that contribute to the greenhouse effect. This means that they absorb and trap heat that would otherwise have escaped into the atmosphere.

The emission of these gases by big factories and machines has increased rapidly. While you may not be able to do much when it comes to big factories, there is so much you can do to eliminate greenhouse gasses in your own home. Do the best you can with what you can. Here are some of the ways you can eliminate greenhouse gases.

Use Renewable Energy Sources

Use alternative sources of energy like solar and wind energy. Rooftop solar panels are now common in many households. Depending on various factors like your home appliances and location, you can generate enough power to run your whole house. Unfortunately, solar energy only works when the sun is up.  Wind turbines are the lesser common option but are still very much applicable. They are a little noisy and take up a lot of space. Although they have a couple of disadvantages, they are actually more stable than solar energy. A good sized wind turbine can power a medium sized house without much of a hustle.

When it comes to cooking, many people use charcoal or gas. When you burn charcoal, you spew a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our cooking gas is a mixture of methane, propane, ethane, and butane which are greenhouse gases. An alternative to these options can be the use of biofuel which is a renewable source of energy. This is a fuel produced from biomass such as plant matter which can be converted into fuel. This biomass can be collected in large silos and converted to energy. Unlike fossil fuels, it releases little to no traces of greenhouse gases.

Another viable source of renewable energy is the use of briquettes. These are produced from agricultural waste such as coffee husks, maize cobs, leaves, and even sawdust. They are then dried and compressed for handling. They are not only eco-friendly but they are affordable seeing that they come from agricultural waste. Briquettes are actually more durable than charcoal making them the perfect substitute.  Some other types of briquettes are made from clay water and small pieces of charcoal. Though they still use some bit of charcoal, they are still more friendly to the environment than basic use of charcoal or gas.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Using plastic bottles to grow plants and make your home beautiful at the same time

Throwing away food, paper or empty cans is routine in most homes. However, such a simple activity contributes to the release of greenhouse gases into your house. Make an effort to reduce food waste during storage and also after cooking. Burning paper releases methane emissions. Methane has 21 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide.  Plastics and aluminium coils are no better. Burning them raises the level of carbon monoxide in the air.

So start the culture of recycling or reusing paper, glass and plastic containers. If these two options are not available, buy products with minimal packaging. This calls for you to buy economy-sized products instead of tiny product cases. Here are 16 fun ways to recycle things in the house

Invest in potted plants

The idea has always been to plant more trees but this isn’t possible inside the house. Plants absorb carbon monoxide using their leaves and their roots.  This is because carbon dioxide plays an important role in photosynthesis and respiration. Reducing the carbon dioxide in the environment helps reduce the greenhouse effect. They also absorb some volatile organic compounds such as benzene which is found in plastics, fabrics, and pesticides. So having potted plants is not only about sprucing up your space. Think of it as a way to reduce the greenhouse effect a plant at a time. How To Take Care Of Your Potted Plants

Use less air conditioning

The irony behind air conditioners contributing to the greenhouse effect is not lost on people. Many people use air conditioners because it gets so hot these days. However, using them could be contributing to making the earth hotter. Air conditioners release hydrofluorocarbon emissions when they run. Even more so when they are old or have a defect. These emissions are severely potent and are known to posse heat-trapping power several thousand times stronger than carbon dioxide. Over the years, these gasses have increased and are only doing more damage.

Switch off the lights

You need to be more mindful of limited resources. Turn on the lights when you really need them and turn them off when you are done. Power plants burn a lot of fossil fuels that release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So the more energy is needed, the more fossil fuels are burnt. Green Energy: 4 Ways To Power Your Home With Renewable Energy

This also applies to electrical appliances. Turn off any that may not be in use. Exhaust all warming options before you turn on the heater. Create a culture that promotes energy saving in your household. When you reduce your energy consumption, power plants reduce the amount of energy they need to produce. This, in turn, reduces fossil fuels burnt and greenhouses released. It may not seem like you are doing much, but changing the world starts with changing what is in your control. Here are 17 Ways To Conserve Energy In The Household And Save Money

Speaking of climate change and how it affects us, have you watched the movie The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind 

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