Technology: 5 Financial Apps You Should Have

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Financial apps are a lifesaver for some of us for whom money management doesn’t come naturally.  Even for those with money management skills, they ease the process of organizing your finances. Nowadays, financial apps can link to your bank account and help you track your spending, alert you on upcoming bills or keep up with your investments. You can do all these things by simply downloading an app to your device. Here are some financial apps you can start with.

  1. Wally Next

It’s hard to track every shopping expense thus resulting in overspending. However, with Wally Next, you can take pictures of the receipts for every purchase you make. It then keeps accounts of these expenses making it easier for you to identify where your money is going. It’s also a good app to help you create a more accurate budget. Additionally, if you use the geo-location feature on your phone, it fills in the necessary details like date and time. You can get Wally Next for Android users.

  1. PayPal

For easy money transfer between countries and online shopping, PayPal comes in handy. They partnered with M-Pesa to enable their services to Kenyan users. Now, you can transfer funds from your M-Pesa to your PayPal account and continue transacting online. It’s also a safer payment method than a credit or debit card since you don’t have to give out your card details. It’s acceptable across most platforms making it one of the most reliable mobile money apps. You can get PayPal on Android, iOS and Windows.

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This is one of the most useful financial apps that you should have. It offers information on the local and international market giving you important investment tools. You can check how on different stock markets worldwide as well as read on the latest developments in the market to help you make better investment choices. Once you start making investments, you can keep track of your portfolio with the app. It’s easy to use and give alerts. It’s available on Android and iOS.

  1. Savings Track

Integrate your financial goals into your digital life to make it seamless. Whether you’re saving for a vacation or retirement, this simple app helps you realize those dreams. once you set a goal and timeline, you can check how far you are from achieving this goal. However, the app only has one currency which is dollars. If you want to use the app, you can get it on Android.

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  1. Spendee

At a glance, Spendee looks like the saving grace for everyone who can’t seem to get their financial house in order. Indeed, it is. Whether you get caught up with last minute utility bills or want close account monitoring, financial apps like this one are at your service. By simply connecting the app to your bank account(s), you can track incoming and outgoing transactions from your phone. Additionally, it gives a comprehensive report of your expenses. You can keep track of your expenditure, make budgets and set payment reminders. Spendee is available on Android and iOS.

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