Beauty: Night Skincare Routine For Oily And Acne Prone Skin

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How do you go about your night skincare routine?

After a long day of work/night out it is only natural to want to sleep off with makeup on. Worse is when you decide to wash off lazily, forgetting the long-wear, waterproof mascara you put on. Only to wake up the next day looking like Dracula Untold. I will not talk about the foundation and lipstick smeared on your pillowcase. But fret no more.

Here are five simple steps to incorporate in your nightly skincare routine, especially if you are acne-prone or have oily skin. Dealing With Acne Can Be A Psychological Battle

  1. Cleanse

This cannot be emphasized enough. Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse! The key to a rejuvenated skin is good cleansing. For it leaves makeup-free skin allowing your pores to breathe and absorb all the good products you will apply after this step. 7 Tips And Tricks To Remove Makeup Effortlessly

At times, you may have noticed that your skin becomes so shiny and no amount of matte foundation can surpass that natural glow. Ironically, this may be because your skin is crying out for moisture. Oil-based cleansers add moisture to your skin curbing the dryness that leads to breakouts. Therefore, why not try an oil-based cleanser? Try Organic Extra Virgin oil. It is gentle and nourishes the skin without causing any irritation as you remove your makeup. Health Benefits Of Including Olive Oil In Your Diet

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Tip. Moisturize often if you are using acne treatments such as salicylic acid. This is one of the best treatments for acne, also known as beta hydroxy acid (BHA). It has calming properties, and aids in reducing breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads.

Avoid wipes with strong perfumes and alcohol. They dry out your skin.

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  1. Invest in a clay mask

You may have experienced sudden breakouts from using harsh cleansers or products that do not suit your skin type. These breakouts cause your pores to stretch out. Another reason for large pores is exfoliating too much which causes the skin to produce more oil.

A clay mask will help decrease the size of your pores hence reducing the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands. It also draws out the toxins, impurities and residual makeup, leaving a clean surface after you rinse out. Benefits Of Bentonite Clay

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Tip. Find a clay mask that is unscented and made of natural ingredients. A bentonite clay mask is always advisable for oily skin. Always remember to use lukewarm water when rinsing out products from your face.

  1. Tone (Apple cider vinegar)

Not only can you use Apple cider vinegar to curb frizz on 4c hair, but you can also use it as your toner. It is alcohol-free, making sure it will not dry out skin, unlike alcohol-containing toners in the market. Just make sure it is organic. It is very effective.

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Tip. Using raw Apple cider vinegar can be too strong for your skin, causing you to feel a sting. (Contrary to popular belief that beauty hurts when it stings it does not mean it’s working). So soak the cotton pad with vinegar and another with water then counter wipe. If that’s even a word, but you get the concept. Or, if you opt to buy a toner instead of using apple cider, get one in a spray bottle. It will be easier to spritz anytime you want to feel refreshed without using your palms which bring bacteria to your face.

6 Benefits Of Using A Toner In Your Skincare Routine

  1. Nourish/treat

After toning, treat your skin using a serum or ampoule. A serum is a treatment that targets your skin concerns, healing and making your skin rejuvenate faster due to the active ingredients in it. In other words, you can use it to correct problem areas on your face. Pro Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Facial Serums

Serum for night skincare routine.

Tip: To prevent fine lines, use vitamin A/retinol. Dab it on your forehead, under your eyes and areas prone to wrinkles like your nasal labial folds to prevent ageing.

Note, Retinol tends to dry out your skin and this could cause irritation and flaking. Therefore, always apply a moisturizer after, which is actually the last step on this night-care skin routine. Look for an opaque and airtight packaging for your Retinol to remain effective.

  1. Hydrate

As the last step of this skincare routine for acne-prone skin, you need to find a moisturizer that is less heavy on the face. You should use an oil-free moisturiser that uses Dimethicone as it won’t clog pores. “Dimethicone imitates oils, leaving skin feeling healthy yet matte. Creams containing myrtacine and niacinamide help prevent active breakouts.”  Vogue India.

Remember, you are minutes away from sleep so you need to leave the skin to breathe overnight. You don’t want to feel greasy or worse wear the skin down. So look for a lightweight moisturizer that leaves your skin smooth, fresh and importantly hydrated.

Don’t forget what you eat matters more than what you apply.

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Tip. For younger skin below – those before 30 opt for lightweight creams and hydrants and vice versa. Always apply products by dabbing or in an upward motion. Rubbing the face expedites sagging of the skin hence ageing.

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