Lifestyle: How To Live Your Best Life On A Budget

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The goal is not more money, the goal is to live life on your own terms- Unknown

Unfortunately, there are only a couple of people in this world who have access to immense wealth. Those who can do whatever they want whenever they want. For the rest of us, we have to find a way to live within our means. Often times that includes sacrificing a lot of the things we would enjoy doing like travelling, eating out or getting that car to cater to more immediate needs. But who says you can not have your cake and eat it too? You may not have a lot of money, but you can still live the good life.

Try some of these tips out.

Take advantage of deals

One of the perks of competitive marketing is the increase in offers or deals. Numerous business has great offers to cater to different consumer needs. Make the most of this situation. Do your research. Know which places have offers you would be interested in. Take advantage of discounts and sales for your shopping sprees. Plan your nights out to coincide with happy hours. Use coupons where applicable. Be in the know of what businesses host a lot of giveaways and try your luck.

In the case of fashion, the best thing you can do is buy clothes when they are not in season. You can get some great quality pieces for super affordable prices. If its a trip, plan months in advance. Buy your plane tickets during the low peak season. In the long run, you will enjoy the sweet pleasure in life without breaking the bank.

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Learn the art of a good bargain

Since we may not always be in a position to afford the things we want, we have to get smart. There are various places to get the same product or service at a cheaper price. Learn to enjoy thrift shopping. Master the places to go to get quality clothes. If it’s eating out, explore. There are hidden nooks all around us that sell affordable meals. If you need to travel, forego the plane ticket and go for more affordable means of transport. You will still arrive at your destination and enjoy yourself just as much. 15 things to remember when buying second hand (mitumba) clothes


Let us alter an old saying. if you cannot beat them, you cannot join them, maybe you can always mimic them. Discover ways to enjoy yourself by recreating things you would otherwise pay to do. Watch a movie at home. Make it a whole experience by having some popcorn. If you can not afford a gym membership, create a home workout routine. Be open to learning a lot of skills and become a DIY master. If you can make it, you do not need to buy it. Host picnics or potlucks at home and enjoy your time with friends without spending too much money.

Be smart about money

You have already established that you do not have enough money to cater to all your wants. As you make your budget, spare some money to cater to the activities you like doing. However, do not spend it all at a go. Spread it out so you can enjoy to the fullest. You can decide to go to one event a month. This way you are sticking to the budget and enjoying yourself while at it.

The more the merrier

Group activities often reduce the financial burden on a single person. Sharing sleeping quarters, food and activity bills makes everything so much easier. So if you do not mind dragging your friends along on your escapades, you can have fun at a fraction of the price. Additionally, most businesses have discounts for large groups of people so you get to take advantage of those offers too.

Here are 5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Budget

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