Beauty: A Guide To Picking The Right Eyelashes For Different Occasions

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Eyelashes hold the power to make your eyes pop thus elevating your appearance. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the right falsies for certain occasions. There a ton of different false eyelashes to choose from and sometimes, it can get confusing especially for a first-time buyer. Whether you’re going for a wedding, a girls’ night out or an everyday look, there are false eyelashes for every occasion. Here’s a guide on how to pick the right false lashes for different occasions.

For Beginners

The first step to finding the right eyelashes is knowing your eye shape then picking lashes that complement them. Eyelashes can be cumbersome and uncomfortable at first. For beginners, start with the most natural and light ones. This will give you a better experience and goes well with any makeup look. Go for lashes with natural length and a flare in the outer corners to add subtle but captivating detail to your eyes.

For A Night Out

For night outs, go big or go home. You want your eyes to extra fun and flirty therefore this isn’t the time to hold back on your eyelashes game. These ones should be long and wispy but still natural looking. Avoid thick eyelashes as the length might make them look exaggerated and a bit off. Additionally, you don’t want heavy eyelashes coming in the way of a good night out.

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For Daily Wear

This one isn’t as easy as it seems. You want eyelashes that will give you that wide-awake look. They should be comfortable to wear on a daily basis and appropriate for your workplace.  They should also be of high quality to withstand the tests of time. Depending on the look you hope to achieve, you can go for lightweight crisscross strips. These complement simple makeup as they add some oomph. For a more permanent fix, you can opt for eyelash extensions where they individually fix a mixture of short and long lashes.

For A Formal Event

Formal events such as weddings or anniversaries call for a bit of glam. Thicker eyelashes will work perfectly for such occasions as they complement a full face glam very well.  However, stick to the lightweight lashes to achieve a flawless, natural look. For such occasions, you might want to spend a bit extra on your lashes. Go for mink lashes since they’re light and resemble natural eyelashes in texture. With these, you can achieve the fuller lash look perfectly.

For A Job Interview

Your physical appearance goes a long way in making a lasting impression of your potential employers. It is important to make sure you look your best and sometimes, your natural eyelashes aren’t on the same wavelength. Adding false eyelashes to your look will make you appear smarter and more vibrant. Go for lashes that enhance your natural lash line. They should have a small amount of volume and length so as to not overpower the look.

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