Secrets Men Keep From Women That Can Affect Relationships

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Have you ever had a feeling that your mate is keeping something from you regarding his thoughts or feelings? Your conscience could be serving you right. In general, men are not known to be as expressive as women are. For this reason, there is a chance that they won’t admit their feelings or thoughts.

Consequently, it is most likely that they will end up having secrets, which they will keep from their partners – and that actually is a problem. This is in the sense that secrets do affect relationships causing major issues.

Why would men keep secrets from women?

Every relationship has issues, but unhealthy relationships have unresolved issues. That said, healthy and happy relationships must have good communication. You should, therefore, create a comfortable environment in your relationship to ensure that your mate can share feelings and open up to you. This can be done if you allow him to communicate honestly and freely without overreacting or blowing up at the moment.

The moment that your spouse or boyfriend feels comfortable enough to share his feeling and thoughts with you, he won’t feel the need to keep secrets from you. Until that time, here are some of the things men keep from women, you might need to know.

  1. Yes, I look at other women
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“A quick glance at the opposite sex usually means nothing. It’s an instinctive response, not a sign that your partner wants someone else”, says Dr. R.Y. Langham. Mostly women dismiss, forget or ignore that men are wired to notice women, mainly the young and pretty women, as Micheal Jackson referred to them, “pretty young things”.

Biologically males are programmed to notice ‘fertile’ females. Nonetheless, beliefs and preferences on sexuality are affected by education, culture and age. The problem comes in when women catch their men red-handed checking out other women. They tend to feel not sexy, attractive or good enough. This, as a result, triggers self-esteem or trust issues. However, if you understand that it is an instinctive response; you will remain happy and save yourself and the relationship an explosion of grief.

  1. I would appreciate trying new things in the bedroom

This is one of the major secrets that men keep from women and occurs more often than you would think. Have you ever heard that men are visual beings? This is true and so, there is a very high probability that they have sexual fantasies running in their minds. They would love so much to share these fantasies with their women, but the thought of being shut down immediately they speak their minds puts them off. If women would consider bringing up the topic, they would encourage their partners to share their sexual desires and fantasies with more ease.

  1. ‘ You look bad in that outfit’

Many are the times when men are asked their opinions about a certain outfit by their partners. Some of those times, they lie about their answer. Women would prefer the truth, but actually, they would rather not hear it. Therefore, men keep this as a secret in order to avoid hurting women’s feelings. They keep this secret to maintain a calm and happy environment.

  1. ‘I wish you would be quiet sometimes’

Women have the capability to express themselves loudly and boldly, something men may not be assertive about. A significant percentage of men are not fond of aggressive, confrontational or talking too loudly.

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They will probably tune you out when you are conversing too loudly and for too long. This is because that irritates them. Therefore, when communicating with your man, get to the point ASAP.

Both men and women have secrets. However, when it comes to men, it will not matter if both of you feed from the same plate or the length of time you have been together. There are things he has not shared with you. It is very possible that there are things he will never share with you, however, knowing the basic secrets men keep from women, you can find ways to make him more comfortable. Creating a comfortable environment in your relationship makes him feel safe enough to share and allow you into his mind.

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