Best Hairstyles For A Round Face Shape

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There are six face shapes and no one style fits all. The key is trying to accentuate your features, highlight proportions and have that freedom to play around with what looks best for you.

First things first, I hope you do not imagine that a round face looks like a ball, a sphere or a perfect circle. What it means to have a round face is that the length from your hairline to the tip of your chin measures almost the same as from one end of your cheekbone to the other end. The square shaped face also has the measurements but the difference lies at the jaw. A square shaped face having a more pronounced jawline than a round face, which has a softer jawline and chin.

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Due to the soft features of a round face like fuller cheeks, a softer jaw and chin, and the perfect balance of facial features, a person with a round face shape appears youthful, cute and most hairstyles look effortless on her.

We have to remember that other factors like age, hair length, preference, texture, hair colour vs skin tone, and lifestyle, do matter when it comes to choosing the best hairstyle for your face shape. Therefore, this is a guide to get you inspired and find out how else you can vamp your look redefining your style with each hairstyle.

  1. Curly up-dos

The reason why a curly updo will always suit a round face is because it flatters the features creating that asymmetrical look. Since a round face doesn’t have a pronounced chin, a curly updo shifts the attention to the chin, accentuating the neck, which can never be a bad look coupled with those cheeks and the cascading waves.

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Hair volume should be concentrated at the crown to balance out your cheeks, attaining that narrow effect.

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  1. Bangs

It cannot be argued that bangs complement all types of face shapes if done right. However, on a round face layered bangs bring out your features, covering the forehead and drawing attention to the chin to make it appear smaller.

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  • Side part bangs

The key to pulling off this look especially if your hair/weave is short, have the tresses layered and framed to match your features.

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  • Topknot bangs

A casual topknot bang is an underrated statement style for a round face. The secret is to leave the sideburns out, which create a shadow over the sides making your face appear slimmer. This narrow effect creates the illusion that you have an oval face shape, while drawing attention to your harmonious features.

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  1. Ponytail

From high to low ponytails. You have the face with the perfect balance. How can a ponytail work against those flattering features? Add face-framing baby hair to your ponytail and your look is what we call pizzazz.

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  1. Sleek long hair

The round face loves a long hairstyle and it follows the principle that the longer the hair flows, the narrower the chin appears and so does the neck.

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  1. Short Afros, and pixies

The key is to always keep the hair textured which contrasts the roundness, creating a look that is sassy, edgy and in style.

  • Pixie
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  • Afro

A short afro will always complement the balanced features on a round face.

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  1. Bobs

When it comes to rocking a bob there are many types, which are flattering on a round, face. However, the key is to play with angles, length, volume and the proportions of your face you want to hide or highlight.

  • Blunt Bob

This side parted short bob can never go wrong with a round face. That is if you are looking to make the forehead appear smaller. A deep part on a blunt bob works to elongate your face, giving you a flawless look. Here are 4 Awesome Beauty Hacks To Help Minimize A Big Forehead

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  • Tousled Bob

A mid-part is always flattering on a round face as it elongates the face and highlights the cheekbones. If you opt for a chin-length bob (makes your face appear rounder), layer the tresses and waves as in an inverted bob.

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  • Inverted Bob

An inverted Bob can be tousled or slick. Although the hair at the back is usually made shorter than the hair at the front.

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  • Long layered bob

This hairstyle oozes sophistication and transforms your cuteness into a chic, sexy and sophisticated look. Maintain volume at the crown for that full look.

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  • Braided bob
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  1. Kinks and curls

As the embodiment of cuteness, let no one tell you that if you have a round face, do not opt for volume or a fuller look. Curls and kinks on a round face work in contrast to add height, bring out those cheekbones while adding depth to the eyes.

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