Fitness: 5 Annoying Types Of People At The Gym

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If you’re an avid gym goer, you’ve probably met the most peculiar kinds of people there. These people make the gym an unbearable place than it already is. If it isn’t enough that you have to deal with the ripe smell of sweaty bodies, you also have to put up with the uncomfortable stares or the girl making Instagram posts every single day. Here are types of annoying people you’ll meet at the gym.

The Hog

They don’t want to leave the equipment even when it’s obvious other people are waiting to use it. Maybe they’re too caught up in their zone to notice the waiting line or they just don’t care. Either way, they are annoying. If you notice they’re not leaving the equipment any time soon, you can move on to other equipment or alert them. However, most time, these people won’t wrap it up, so take it as a hint to do something else.

The Flirt

This person manages to pop when you least want him to – in the middle of a workout or after an intense workout. There’s nothing wrong with a little flirting after the post-workout shower. However, nobody wants to chat on a treadmill or lifting weights, let alone when you’re dripping sweat. It’s distracting and a bit uncomfortable especially if you’re not used to the gym atmosphere.

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The Instagrammer

You might have seen posts of hot girls or hot guys in front of a mirror at the gym and thought everybody looks like that. Spoiler, they don’t. First, let’s talk about their outfit. Though cute, it’ not very practical for the gym. It’s either too tight or too skimpy. They have a full face of makeup and look like they’re effortlessly beautiful. They spend most of the time taking selfies and posting on Instagram. Some go as far as to live-stream their workouts. Douche!

The Grunter

Workouts can get intense and we all let out noises to release the tension. However, the attention-seeking kind goes way overboard with their workout noises. Even when they’re doing the barest minimum, you can always expect loud grunts and moans from this person.  It seems to be always about them and what they’re doing. In many cases, they’re regular gym goers but have somehow not yet used to the workouts. If it’s causing you that much distress, maybe try something more of your speed.

The Skunk

There are people who re-wear their gym clothes without washing them. You can imagine how they smell even a day after. When they get next to you at the gym, you almost want to pass out because of how they reek. Whether you’re a sweaty person or not, your gym clothes are bound to get musky after a workout. Make sure you wear a set of clean gym clothes at least after every two sessions depending on how you sweat. Additionally, avoid wearing perfume as this makes the scent more intense.

All in all, the gym is a very fun place to be and there are lots of great people there. The few annoying ones shouldn’t stop you from having a great experience. Plus, some are entertaining to watch and there’s always something to talk about thanks to them. Here are 8 Dos And Don’ts On Your First Day At The Gym

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