Fashion: Are Panties Necessary?

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My cousin is just from telling me an interesting story. It’s no boxers day on Wednesday for her boyfriend. His version of wcw …  I’m not kidding. Reasons why you might ask, their mum legit used to let them go commando on Wednesdays and it just stuck.

Honestly, that’s such a cool mum! I am sincerely against the idea of wearing panties, regardless of the quality. I simply hate those things and do not understand their purpose in life. The only reason why I wear them is

1. I’ve learnt that as a lady, you should always make sure you have your panties on.

2. (And the only reason that matters) I am exceptionally clumsy. I barely have control of my stability which therefore means that I have the capability to slip and fall anywhere, in the middle of the CBD for example. Sightseeing is not on the to-do list with my body thus I’ll just put them on.

My friend recently texted me telling me some bodaboda guys were ridiculing her because her undies showed beneath her outfit. First of all, someone explain their sense of humour. Secondly, panties are utterly problematic, unprovoked. You try having a good day then there they are, ruining not only your look but your mood too.

Most, if not all gynaecologists advise us not to sleep with underwear. Too much heat and sweat is assured breeding ground for yeast infections. If you are sensitive especially, I need you to listen to this advice. Yeast infections are the devil. I have never caught an STD but I’m sure that chlamydia feels like a yeast infection. The constant itchiness, the pain while taking a pee, the consistent discomfort… all because you didn’t let your vagina breathe.

I am an avid reader of romance novels. And ever so often, the protagonist gets into a relationship with a rich sexy young man who’s always ripping her panties off. I get mad; every single time. Good quality panties cost a fortune. Now imagine as a girl, you need to have grandma panties for chilling in the house, period panties when it’s that time of the month, regular undies for everyday and sexy underwear for yourself and your man/ woman. You may not see it but that’s so much money especially because buying panties is an endeavour that will never come to an end. Visualize all that cash you’ll save instead of buying these pointless garments.

I know I sound like I am selling propaganda but wearing panties has no proven health benefit. The only problem comes in when you have to put on a tight pair of jeans or pants without a cotton pantie. This causes itchiness and chapping as the vulva is in close contact with materials it has no business with. If you are putting on neither, I’d loudly as humanly possible tell you to avoid that road and harness freedom by ditching your underwear. Lifestyle And Health: Do’s And Dont’s For A Healthy Vagina

Panties are taxing. They make you sick, broke and uncomfortable. Living in Kenya is enough suffering. Ask yourself why you have to put yourself under all that unwarranted stress.

So do you really need those panties? Is it all about the panties?

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