Cool New Skills That You Can Learn Online

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Living as we do in the digital age, the internet has made it possible for us to do all manner of weird and wonderful things. We have access to a huge knowledge bank of content, meaning that every day, we could read, watch or listen and never come across the same thing twice (unless we want!). As we race along this digital information superhighway, how often do you find yourself visiting the same old social media profiles or absorbing content from the same websites? The next time you find yourself idly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, why not stop and give one of these activities a try? You may even end up uncovering a passion you never knew you had, changing your life in the process!

Image from Photo by Christina Morillo / Public Domain


Coding makes the digital world go around. These words that you’re reading right now are possible through the miracle of coding, but this isn’t some secret and incomprehensible technical wizardry: It’s something that anyone can learn. Computer science in its most elaborate form is an intimidating subject for sure but learning the basics of coding enables you to create a website or blog or maybe even design an app someday in the future. And if you want to get involved in the rapidly developing world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, you’ll need to know your way around data strings. is the No. 1 place to start learning to code, and it’s free to use. There are plenty of tutorials on the most common web technologies, including HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, JavaScript, XML, PHP and Bootstrap. If you want to further your explorations in coding, check out MIT OpenCourseWare. This one is another free online resource where you can access educational materials for undergraduate and graduate courses.


Okay, so bookkeeping may not be the most glamorous profession, but bookkeepers and accounts assistants are the unsung heroes of the accounting world. Plus, if you want to make the switch from working for someone else to working for yourself, good bookkeepers are in demand, so it’s possible that you could quickly find yourself freelancing once you know what you’re doing.

In the long run, it would be beneficial to both you and your future clients to gain an accounting qualification, which you can still do online with any global learning provider, but to start with, get to grips with the software first. Xero Advisor Certification and QuickBooks ProAdvisor are two of the most popular software programs used by all manner of businesses and firms, so get yourself up to speed on how to input transactions and run month and year-end reports, and you could be well on your way to a whole new career.

Online Games

Just a decade or so ago, the only way you could develop the skills to become a poker or casino whizz would’ve been to play in casinos and poker games in person. That meant that if you didn’t live near a casino or felt uncomfortable going to a poker game for whatever reason, you would end up missing out on these experiences.

The advent of online gaming has changed that and now people from across the world have discovered that they have an untapped talent for card or dice games. It’s easy to get started playing casino games online, as you don’t need to download any software and special offers and bonuses like free spins from leading platforms, meaning that you don’t even have to spend any money on your first few tries.

Social Media Management

If you’re someone who’d describe themselves as social media savvy, you can turn your love for the likes of Twitter and Facebook into a viable career by improving your social media management skills. By regularly posting, sharing and even creating content, you’ve already got the foundations to excel at something like this, all you need is to know how to become more business and marketing focused.

Although there are hundreds of social media courses that you can purchase through the likes of Skillshare and Udemy, your best bet is to take advantage of the many free resources that you can find online. Blog posts, articles and even “what not to do” guides that you can find with a simple Google search are an excellent place to start, and then when you’ve identified a key area that you’d like to explore further, you can invest in some additional training. Here are 8 Do’s And Dont’s Of Taking An Online Class

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