Beauty: 6 Creative Ways To Wear Eyeliner

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Eyeliner is one of those versatile makeup gems that you ought to have in your makeup collection.  It might look intimidating at first. But once you’ve mastered the basic winged liner, your makeup will never look the same. It’s 2019, people. It’s time to ditch the old and boring ways you do your makeup and try something new. Here are some creative ways to wear eyeliner.

1.    Fishtail Eyeliner

It’s enchanting and unique. The fishtail liner gives you a look that would dare anyone to look away. Additionally, it’s surprisingly subtle considering it’s over the top style. You can pull this off for casual events or even while running errands if you’re feeling extra. It’s easier to use liquid eyeliner or a gel pencil so as to draw those skinny lines.

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2.    Smoky Lower Liner

It’s a close cousin to racoon eyes but more appealing. With this, you look more chic as opposed to the dreadful racoon eyes. Keep the upper lid light with a gold or light brown eyeshadow then use gel eyeliner to create the smoky lower liner. This is a very popular look in the beauty world right now.

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3.    Layered

Why settle for one eyeliner when you can wear two? You can achieve this look by using one black eyeliner and a different coloured liner. Start with a normal wing then layer it with the coloured liner to create an artistic look. you don’t have to do much with the eyes after this look as it stands out all on its own. You can rock it as it is or add more colour to the lower lash line with a bright eyeshadow.

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4.    Feather

Good news for those who always seem to mess up their eyeliner. You can camouflage any smudge or crooked line with this creative design. However, the feather eyeliner also requires patience and some light handwork. The creator states that she barely touched her face when making the feather-like lines. The results were an unexpected, chic look that you can rock to any occasion.

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5.    Shimmery

To add a little glamorous touch, try using shimmery eyeliner. It creates stunning looks that just up your makeup game by a mile. However, avoid using shimmery eyeliner with shimmery eyeshadow as this might overpower the eyes. Make sure you’re also good at using eyeliner before progressing to the shimmery ones lest you end up looking like a hot mess. This style looks good with a smoky eyeshadow like burgundy, green and bronze to brighten the eyes.

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6.    Eye Dots

Transform your eyes into a party by adding a dot beneath each of them. This is a chic, futuristic look suitable for a festival. Despite being a simple dot, it’s not that subtle and you’ll draw a lot of attention with this look. You can make it even more vibrant by going for a graphic colour like blue or a shimmery gold.

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