Health & Fitness: 5 Tips To Creating A Workout Schedule That Works For You

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If you sit down and analyze your life, you realize that setting goals is not that hard.  The hardest part of accomplishing these goals is the execution. The same statement applies when it comes to working out. Making a commitment to start working out is a bold step. However, you may have made up your mind to start working out but things are not going as planned. The good news is, the problem may not lie in your drive to workout but how you schedule your workouts. Once you figure that out, things will get a little easier for you.

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Be Smart About Your Schedule

Schedule your gym sessions to fit into your lifestyle. Do not copy someone else schedule because it works for them. We all have different priorities and different workout plans work for different people. Additionally, listen to your body. Find what works for you.

If long full body workouts tire you out, try scheduling shorter sessions. You can visit the gym in the morning for a short workout session and workout at home in the evening. Do not schedule workouts for days you know you can not commit to. It will just derail your efforts. When your workout schedule is realistic, you will be less inclined to fight it. Your workouts will also become more consistent.

Have some variety

When you workout you often have a specific goal in mind. So your workout routine involves the muscles you want to focus on. However, shake things up a little. Try out different workout styles. You can even incorporate your hobbies and interests. Try out some Zumba or yoga. You can even do this in the comfort of your home.  

There are numerous workout videos on youtube and you can dance along. The idea is to spice up your routine. A workout routine is important if you want to get consistent results. However, it can also cause boredom and induce mental burnout. Before you know it, your workout plans have become a long forgotten goal. 10 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

Have fun

Working out is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Most times you will not even feel like doing it at all. Have fun during your workouts. Create a great playlist to keep you motivated. If you are in the comfort of your home, sing along. The more fun you have, the more likely you are to stick to your workout. If you love shopping for clothes, buy yourself some workout clothes. If you look good, then you feel good. If your workout routine includes tracking your food, get into the kitchen. Learn a few new recipes and try them out. If you are lucky you may pick it up as a new hobby. Switch your meals up often. Make your workouts something you look forward to as opposed to something you dread.

Keep records

One of the biggest motivations in life is looking back and seeing how far you have come. It reinforces the effort you put in. From the moment you commit to working out, set a goal for where you hope to see yourself at specific points. Be realistic with the goals.

Keep records for evaluation. Pictures and videos are the perfect choices for a visual diary. Eventually, when you start to see small changes in your own body both external and internal, your sacrifices feel worth it. It motivates you to stay committed to your schedule that much more. Additionally, these records are great for benchmarking. They help you figure out what is working and what needs to be altered.

Have a support system

Often times everything in life is much easier with a little support. You are only human and there are days when you will want to give up. You will forget why you started in the first place. Staying committed to the workout routine is crucial for you to see results. Band together with a couple of your friends. Encourage each other and if you can, workout together.

If this is not possible, the next best thing is having a trainer. Hiring a trainer helps you stay on track. He/she helps you come up with a workout routine that will yield the results you want. They also help with tracking and planning your meals. On days you feel that you can’t push your body any further, trainers are there to cheer you on.

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