Parenting: How To Keep Kids Engaged While You Work From Home

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Working at home has been associated with a number of benefits; hence most parents have chosen to work from home. Despite the numerous advantages, you should expect some challenges for parents with kids. Working at home when you have kids exposes some challenges as you need to attend to the kids when they lack things to keep them busy. For peace of mind when working at home, there are simple tips you can use to keep the kids busy. Here are some of the best ways to keep your kids busy while working at home. Productivity: Working From Home – 10 Ways To Make It Work


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Getting your kids some amazing storybooks will aid in keeping him/her busy as you work. Most kids aged 8 years and below are able to read; hence you can always find either the wordless and nearly wordless books that can be read by kids of all ages. Besides the story books, you can also get educational books for the kid. You can always encourage the kid to select his/her favourite books from the library to keep him busy. As a parent, it is also advisable to help the kid select some nice books to read. Through this, the kid will develop the habit of reading, which is very beneficial for growth. Why we must encourage our children to read books

Audiobooks are also recommended for kids of all ages. Consider such books since they enable kids to appreciate the art of storytelling. Lastly, you can also encourage the kid to make up a reading challenge or even join a summer reading program.

Play Dates

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Since the kids will not read the entire day, play is very crucial for breaks. Most kids may not enjoy playing by themselves; hence hosting a playing date will definitely keep the kid engaged. You have to remind the kids of the ground rules before the play time and ensure you invite friends your kid gets along with well.

As a parent, it is vital to select a good game that your kid loves. The inflatable pool is considered one of the best games that most kids love. When choosing the ideal inflatable pool, make sure it is non-toxic for the safety of the kid. The pool should also be easy to fold and inflate to be used by kids of all ages. The educational games and toys for the kids are some other games to get for the kids.


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Does your kid love art projects like drawing? For such kids, you can easily keep them engaged by doing their own work. From the setup and clean-up, the kid needs to do everything on their own, which is a better way of keeping him/her engaged. The youngest kids can be engaged in things like colouring and, therefore, expect less disturbance from such kids.

Imagination can be considered as part of art though it is not something you can mandate as a parent. The kid can easily create some elaborate fantasies with action figures or stuffed animals. On the other hand, older kids can try to write or play a story.

In addition to the above tips, you can also keep your kid engaged by playing with their toys, playing outdoor or sleeping. Through this, you get adequate time to carry out most of the activities when you work from home. Parents are advised to find out what their kids love doing. This can be playing with toys, arts, reading, and writing or other activities that will keep them engaged.

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