Relationships: How To Know If You Are The Other Woman

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Nobody ever wants to find out that they are the other woman. However, you can never be too sure – not in the world, we live in right now. You might meet a perfect gentleman and before you know it, you’re in a relationship with someone’s husband. It’s better to know sooner than later to avoid the drama and disappointment. Here are some signs that you’re the other woman.

1.    He Cancels Last Minute

This is usually a pretty obvious sign that the person you’re dating is seeing someone else. If you make plans and they cancel out on you last minute several times, you’re probably the other woman. To add on, it’s always work-related and they can’t seem to find a way around it. He never seems to put you as a priority because he’s not serious about your relationship and as soon as his actual girlfriend calls, he drops you like a hot potato.

2.    He Never Wants To Be On Camera

In this digital age, everybody posts about every little detail in their lives – including their relationships. So, it’s quite odd when you date a guy who never wants to be part of your Instagram feed. He might even get aggressive or question you every time you try to take a photo. Don’t beat yourself up about it. That’s someone else’s man, honey.

3.    You Have A Hangout Schedule

Many relationships flourish because of the spontaneity of random date nights. However, when you’re the other woman, this is almost a myth. You have days when he can “conveniently” meet with you. He also asks you specifically not to drop by his house unannounced. Your suspicions are spot on. Of course, he has another family.

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4.    He’s Meticulous About Hygiene

He notices every spill, hair strand and clothes around his place more than any guy you’ve dated before. He gets paranoid about how you smell and constantly washes his hands when you’re with him. Well, he’s either a germophobe or you’re the other woman.

5.    You Never Meet Their Family Or Friends

It’s okay if they want to know you a little more before introducing you to their family and friends. However, you’ve been with this guy for close to a year and he’s never even brought up the idea of introducing you to his people. Sis, leave that man alone. A married guy or someone in another relationship won’t want you to meet his family since his lies will catch up to him. When Mr. Right Just Wants To Keep It Casual…Friends With Benefits

6.    He Only Booty Calls You

We all know the other woman is only good for one thing and it’s always what he calls for. The only time he seems to available, he just wants a booty call. He calls you over for a “good time” every single time. That’s cool and all but what happened to a little wine and dining? The Other Woman: A Love Affair Brewed In A Café

7.    He Whispers On The Phone

No, he’s not trying to be sexy. He’s probably talking to you in the other room while his actual girlfriend is in the other. he also doesn’t call to find out about your school or work life. He goes straight to the flirting and dirty talk since you’re the other woman.

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