Parenting: 7 Things To Know About Newborn Babies

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Unfortunately, newborn babies don’t come with a manual. It’s a whole lot of trial and error, especially with your first pregnancy. Things don’t really happen how you imagined and this might be confusing. Such things could also rob you of the joy of being a mother. To avoid surprises or frustration, here are a few basic things you should know about newborn babies.

1.    They Learn Language In The Womb

Newborn babies are quite intelligent actually. They can hear sounds at around 23 weeks old and are able to learn about language as well as identify familiar voices. Therefore, you’re encouraged to talk to them constantly and even play music.

2.    They Look Strange

From the moment they’re born, you’ll be hit by your first surprise – they’re not the best looking. Many new parents are always curious to know what their baby will look like. Well, they won’t look as handsome or beautiful as you thought. Newborn babies may come out looking a bit funny. Their faces may be squashed and look a bit pale for a couple of days after birth.

3.    They Have A Big Appetite

Since babies grow at a very fast rate, they will want to nurse constantly. Additionally, their little stomachs empty pretty fast thus it will seem like all they do is suckle. On average, a newborn should feed every two to three hours. This will go on for the first five months of their life then they will be able to go for longer periods without feeding.

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4.    They Demand Time

While it might seem pretty easy to feed a baby then put them to sleep, this demands a lot of work put in. From changing diapers to rocking them to sleep, you’ll end up spending the whole day caring for your newborn when you thought you’d be able to juggle work life and motherhood. After all that, you still have to take care of yourself.

5.    They Don’t Care About A Nursery

Newborn babies barely know what their feet are. it’s highly unlikely they’ll appreciate the hours you put in to decorate their nursery. While it’s awesome to walk into a beautiful nursery room, it’s not very necessary. Your baby may want to sleep with you most of the time, anyway.

6.    They Don’t Always Fall Asleep As Easily

Be prepared to frustrating nap times and rehearse your most soothing voice. Additionally, this is one of those situations that will test you as a parent. Imagine it’s 2 am, you’ve spent the day cleaning and making sure your baby is happy, then they decide to reward you with a sleepless night. Just remember your breathing.

7.    They Poop Everywhere

Newborn babies may not poop all the time but when they do, it’s chaos. You’d think that they would have little cute poops since they’re strictly on a milk diet. They don’t. They have some of the stinkiest, nastiest poops. And they also do it everywhere. You might think that they’re done going number two when they decide to decorate your hand.

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