Entertainment: Lessons We Should All Learn From The Sensational Over 25 Channel

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Crowned Best Vlog of The Year 2018 by BAKE AWARDS, the girls from the exceptional Over 25 YouTube Channel are definitely goals. They have for sure lessened the burden of more than 52,000 subscribers from Monday blues, posting their videos every fortnight and not only giving us a good laugh but also showcasing superb content filled with quite the life skills. I have certainly written a ‘how to live life’ guide book from their ever sincere and thought-provoking discussions.

1. Female Friendships Are Powerful

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There is a myth that women cannot be true friends to each other. The girls consisting of Jules, Lorna, Ivy and Shikkie have trampled on that archaic myth and proved that friendships like these exist. I have seen a support system, a loyalty like no other, a safe place among these bold and definitely beautiful women. They are not afraid to show their love for each other, constantly gassing each other up on social media. It’s not just for clout.

2. Dreams Come True

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As simple as that! The Over 25 Channel was a brainchild of Jules who had come back from London after pursuing her Masters. She explains that because of their careers, they barely had time to meet and catch up. A YouTube channel would bring them together at least twice a month, as they had to shoot their videos. Starting from shooting their first video with an LG phone propped against a mirror and some few books, the girls are now a force to reckon with, have been well sought by brands and the media, even getting into the Ted X Talks. Who would have thought!

3. Authenticity is Everything

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Once you watch two or three videos from the Over 25 Channel, you realize how diverse their personalities are. While Jules and Ivy are loud and bossy, Lorna and Shikkie are quite laid back. Each one of them, however, shines through the friendship, adding flavour to the already sizzling squad. They are affirmed in who they are and do not need to prove who’s who in their friendship. They all have their unique thought processes and despite their arguments from time to time, it is crystal clear that they accept each other for who they are without judgement.

4. Intelligence is Sexy

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Listening to these rather ingenious women talk about a broad scale of topics from sex to contraceptives to the workplace to relationships and basically navigating life in its own, you realize that they are not selfish in sharing knowledge and educating the rest of us. They especially push for feminism and constantly post on their Instagram feed motivational quotes to keep their fans ahead of the game.

5. Winning Together Is The Goal

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With a friendship lasting for over a decade, the girls have been together since campus and some of them actually went to the same high school! They have been in each other’s lives almost forever, celebrating each milestone together from graduations to engagements to baby showers, birthday parties and career elevations. Oh, what a surreal joy to see people who are part of your team do so well. They also have a naturally close relationship with each other’s families which is actually something really beautiful to watch.

These girls are a national treasure. They embody what it means to be both fierce and vulnerable unapologetically. It is such a magnificent friendship to watch. They dress well, stay pretty and educated, keep their hustle in check, stay drama free and mind their own business. Synonym of perfect maybe?

Check out their YouTube channel here

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