Entertainment: 8 Benefits For Playing Chess

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Over the years, Chess has evolved from being a pastime activity to being a competitive sport globally. People from all over the world and from all age groups play this game. There are now world class players and every year, they participate in competitions to test each other’s skills. However, this isn’t the easiest game to master. It requires concentration and a lot of strategizing. Whether you’re a fan or interested in the game, here are some benefits of playing Chess.

1.    Unites People

Chess requires very minimal to no communication. Therefore, people from different cultures and countries can play together. Through this, it unites people worldwide and helps them appreciate the diversity. Some have also travelled the world thanks to the game. Parenting: 5 Games To Consider For Childhood Development

2.    Socialize

In other ways, Chess helps you become a social butterfly in your own way. You’ll meet other players and interact with them. It’s a great hobby to take up if you struggle with socializing or trying to meet new people. It will also help you find a community of like-minded people making you feel right at home. How To Socialize As An Introvert

3.    Brain Workout

Your brain requires exercise as well to prevent diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression. Chess is one of those games that puts your brain to work. It utilizes both the brain’s hemispheres thus promoting healthy brain activity. Speaking of the Brain Here Are 8 Foods That Promote Mental Health

4.    Encourages Hard Work

It teaches you how to keep your eye on the prize and work towards it. The game solely depends on your hard work. The more logical moves you make the higher your chances of winning. If you’ve played chess, then you know how hard it is to make the most logical move, especially against a worthy opponent. This also requires studying and practice.

Wooden chess board image from https://www.chesscentral.com/the-zaria-unique-wood-chess-set-pieces-chess-board-storage/

5.    Improves Problem Solving Skills

Most chess players are good at problem-solving since the game encourages logical and creative thinking. Chess games are usually complex and require the players to tackle its complexity. This helps regular players learn how to think logically and creatively so as to solve real-life problems.

6.    Boosts Self Esteem

Once you beat your opponent, this sends a rush of dopamine in your brain. In turn, our self-esteem skyrockets because of these feel-good hormones. Additionally, it helps you realize your capabilities and sharpen certain skills that help you feel better about yourself. Here are 5 Tips To Help You Boost Your Self Confidence

7.    Improves Reading skills

It helps to cultivate a reading culture. A study showed the playing chess caused increased performance in reading. Children who play chess are more likely to score higher in tests than those who don’t. It expounds your thinking capacity thus helping you internalize information better. Here are 6 Practical Tips To Help You Cultivate A Reading Habit

8.    It’s Fun

All in all, chess is a game. It’s actually a very interesting game. The setup is quite attractive and once you master the game, the fun begins. Just like playing football, basketball or swimming, it is a lot of fun. Many players get engrossed in the game and might consult an expert or seek out more challenges.

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