Business: Jambojet Achieves Close To A Million First Time Flyers As It Marks 5th Anniversary

Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Hon. Dr. Chris Obure (R), presents a dummy flight ticket to the winner, Gerald Andae. Looking on is, the MC, Mwaniki Mageriah.

Regional low-cost carrier, Jambojet has enabled close to a million people fly for the first time since its inception five years ago.  Celebrating the airline’s 5th year anniversary which took place on the 26th  April 2019, in Nairobi,  the local partners and guests attested to the tremendous milestone of hitting 3 million flyers, and the airline’s undeniable growth as seen through the past years.

Jambojet Chairman, Vincent Rague (L) with, Jambojet CEO, Allan Kilavuka (C), and the Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Hon. Dr. Chris Obure

Speaking during celebration CEO, Allan Kilavuka said the airline which has flown over 3 million passengers to various destinations is committed to continue improving on its key values of reliability and safety.

With the aim of making Jambojet the first flying option for Kenya and East Africa, the chairman Mr Gilbert Kibe, pointed out that the airline will continue to foster a meaningful working relationship with the local partners, and adhering to stipulated safety standards across new skies.

Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Hon. Dr Chris Obure (R), presents a dummy flight ticket to the winner, Gerald Andae. Looking on is, the MC, Mwaniki Mageriah.

“Safety is a principal requisite in our industry. Our customers need the assurance that they can travel comfortably, affordably and securely to any of our destinations. As we expand our operations into the African market, we are keen to offer value beyond convenience and affordability. Our core promise to our customers and partners is reliability and safety,” Mr. Kilavuka said.

Presently, Jambojet’s on-time performance (OTP) stands at 86%, one of the highest in the Kenyan market.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Kenya’s air safety score was at 78 per cent in 2017, a 16 per cent improvement from 2008, placing it seventh in Africa.

Last year, Jambojet launched its first regional route to Entebbe, Uganda, adding to the five destinations (Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, Malindi, Ukunda) it flies to, from its hub in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Jambojet Chairman, Vincent Rague (R) interacts with, Kenya Airways CEO, Sebastian Mikosz.

As of 2nd June, Gilbert Kibe announced that the airline will be able to launch its next international flight to Bujumbura, a vision awaited upon with great excitement and anticipation.

“We are in talks with various governments in the African market as we look to expand our operations to markets such as Bujumbura, Juba, Kigali, Zanzibar, Mwanza and Kilimanjaro. We believe once we have further liberalisation of the skies, we will be able to expand our operations even further,” Mr. Kilavuka said. 

The no-frills airline launched in April 2014 has enabled affordable air travel, with first-time flyers accounting for 30% of its customers. In addition to this an undeniable growth of fleet expansions comprising of 5 Bombardier dashes 8 Q400 Next generation, a milestone contributing to the trajectory growth of the airline.

Jambojet staff, from left, Elizabeth, Sharon, Jemutai and Sophie

Transport Chief Administrative Secretary Dr Chris Obure said: “We are proud of the achievements Jambojet has had in its five years of operation. The airline has been particularly instrumental in shaping the low-cost model which has allowed many Kenyans to fly.”

This 5th year anniversary marks the significance of the airline’s journey as Jambojet takes the local aviation industry to new heights.

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