Why You Need Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Your 4C Hair Regimen

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Extra virgin oil is the highest grade of olive oil with polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin K which prevents hair loss in 4c naturals. Due to Olexic acid and Oleocanthal which is an antioxidant, Olive oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help against inflammation.

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Strengthens hair

4C hair benefits from Olive oil due to its intense moisturizing property. The fatty acids and vitamins, coat and protect the hair shaft from breakage and heat damage. Just like coconut oil, olive oil is proven to penetrate the hair shaft hydrating the scalp sealing in hair moisture.

Hair growth

Extra virgin oil moisturizes the hair preventing tangles and breakage. Since it strengthens the hair, it helps retain the growth and the anti-inflammatory properties protect the hair against damage. To maximize the benefits of olive oil use it to massage your hair regularly which improves scalp circulation.


Olive oil melts away knots, making it easy to detangle your hair. Hence why it is used by naturalistas as a pre-poo. This is a treatment that prevents protein loss from wet combing ensuring that your hair shafts are strong to withstand chemicals in shampoos.

As a conditioner, olive oil makes the hair soft and smooth enabling your hair to retain length.

To minimize dandruff

The anti-inflammatory properties found in extra virgin olive oil fight fungus promoting a rich scalp which is essential for hair growth. Simple Home Remedies For Dandruff


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These are some of the ways you can use olive oil to enrich your hair regimen.


Use Olive oil as a pre-poo or during your hot oil treatment. It helps lift product build-up, loosen the strands, soften the hair and detangle. Pre-shampoo conditioning (pre-pooing) helps separate knots and clumps on dry 4c hair making detangling easier reducing breakage.

Do this especially if you are planning on using a clarifying shampoo. It will help get rid of that squeaky clean feel improving the hair’s ability to retain moisture. Hot oil treatment is recommended once a week if your hair is dry. For oily hair pre-poo twice a month while consciously noting the amount of oil you use on your scalp.

Hair mask

A hair mask is good for giving your hair that extensive hydration.  To make a hydrating deep conditioning hair mask, use honey, olive oil and eggs. Eggs contain biotin, vitamin A, E and folate, which help the hair follicles.  Ensure that your hair is wet when applying and leave it on for 30 minutes.

You can also add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil to your hair mask for that conditioned and soft hair.

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Carrier oil

To repair your hair or address issues like itching, hair loss or hair damage you can neutralize your essential oil with olive oil to avoid adverse effects.  Add a few drops to 3 tablespoons of your essential oil, then wash as usual after 10 minutes. Do a patch test before proceeding. A general rule of thumb is to keep the concentration of essential oil below 5%.

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