Technology: 10 Phone Hacks That Will Make Your Travels Easier

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You might have taken a trip and your phone totally let you down which made you have traumatic travel experience. Heads up! Your phone isn’t completely useless when you travel – abroad or within the country. Even in the most remote areas, there are a number of phone hacks that make your trip a bit easier.

1.    Get A Power Bank

This is a traveller’s holy grail. Since we rely on our phone so much, especially, in new places, it’s important to make sure you always have enough charge. Apart from charging it before leaving your hotel room or accommodation, carry a power bank as well. This portable device will save you the headache of worrying about the charge because you can always plug in your device when it runs out of juice. Check out How To Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life

2.    Change Your Lock Screen

It’s quite common to leave your phone by the beach, bar or in your hotel room while travelling. One of the best phone hacks to mitigate this is to change your lock screen to an image of your emergency contact and other important details in case you lose your phone while travelling.

3.    Share Your Location Using Google Maps

Whether you’re travelling alone or as a group, making your location known to loved ones will save them a lot of worry. It also helps your fellow travel buddies to rendezvous with you at different places. Make sure your GPS is turned on then share your location on Google Maps navigation bar. Check out  4 Mobile Apps You Should Always Have On Trips

4.    Turn Your Phone Into A Flight Tracker

For Apple users, you can easily get your flight detail with one simple click. Most airlines send your flight number vie messages. Once you get this, tap on the underlined number which will prompt you to copy or track flight. When you choose to track the flight, it will bring you details of your flight including dates, time and distance.

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5.    Maximize On Wi-Fi

Many facilities offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. Additionally, there are hotspot areas in many tourist-friendly destinations. Try and maximize on this to avoid hefty roaming data charges. However, be careful with open Wi-Fi spots as they are prone to hacking.

6.      Water-Proof Your Phone With A Zip Lock Bag

Putting your phone in a zip lock bag is one of those phone hacks you never knew you needed. Your phone is a fragile device and any dust or water could damage it. You can also invest in a waterproof bag for your phone from Amazon.

7.    Back Your Phone Up

Losing your phone could potentially ruin your trip. It gets worse when you realize you’ve lost all your information as well. In the event that your phone gets lost or damaged, make sure you store your data somewhere more secure like a Cloud account. Try and do this before you leave for the trip.

8.    Disable Bluetooth

Apart from draining your battery, Bluetooth gives easy access to your phone which hackers take full advantage of. You could potentially create a security risk by having your Bluetooth on. Therefore, always make sure you turn it off or disable your visibility.

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