Fashion: 10 Night Outfit Ideas For A Beginner

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When I hear the words night out I think of outfits that will make me look hot, stylish but still keep me warm. That’s me. What about you. What does the word night outfit inspire you to wear? Do you value, comfort or is it style? I think both can fit in your wardrobe even if you’re a beginner and overwhelmed on where to start. This night-outfit, mood board is for you, if you like versatile, minimalist and trendy outfits.  Additionally, these cute outfits can be used for layering, to attain that personal style you desire, whether you are going on a date, or just clubbing.

  1. Jumpsuits 

From trousers to shorts, tight to baggy, all jumpsuits look effortless. They are versatile, classy, chic and most importantly, they never go out of style. Fashion: How To Style A Jumpsuit For Any Occasion

Woman wearing a purple jumpsuit.
  • Rompers
Woman wearing a romper.
  1. Skirts

Leather, plaids, patterns, florals, print. Don’t you agree a skirt is what you make it?

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  • Leather skirt

We cannot even begin to talk about how the leather skirt adds that oomph no matter how you layer it.

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  • Denim Skirt
Woman wearing a denim skirt. Image from
  1. Jeans/Denim

This is a staple so let’s stick to visuals. Fashion: Denim on Denim

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  • shorts
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  1. Oversized shirts and Boots

There is so much you can do with an oversized shirt and boots. The best thing about this outfit is how you will never run out of ideas to reinvent it. You can tuck it in a skirt, wear it on one shoulder and match it with sneakers for that lazy laid-back look, complement it with skinnies or shorts and the list is just endless.

woman wearing baggy t-shirt and thigh-high boots. Image from
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  1. Kappa/Adidas pants and jogger sweatpants

When they said, “I like a girl in uniform,” perhaps this is what they meant. Opt to wear these labels from top to bottom or mix and match them to your mood and style.

Woman wearing adidas pants and boots. Image from

You do agree there’s nothing as stylish as a Kappa pant and a stiletto heel. And when it comes to joggers everything is just mood.

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  1. Cargo pants

This is where we get exclusive, you know, bad and boujee. All hip and more pop.

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  1. Dresses

You probably know how sultry a dress is. With the right match, the right fit, just don’t let me stop you. Style away! Fashion: 8 Outfits You Can Wear On Casual Fridays

Woman wearing little black dress. Image from


  1. Sweatsuits

It’s comfy, It’s sporty, its style. From sweatpants to sweatsuits and to the next cute cut outfit, the sweater dress.

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  1. Sweater dresses

Sweaters have evolved from just being worn as cardigans to chic, comfortable and in style dresses. When picking this outfit, consider the length, size, texture and purpose. A turtle neck sweater will give you that laid back, easy going wanna be cuddled look, while a sweater dress will leave you looking snatched depending on how you wear it. Fashion: How To Stay Warm And Still Look Stylish

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  1. Jackets

From combats to pieces of denim to oversized jackets, there is something about an olive print paired with black and a touch of style. Always keep in mind that fashion is when you own it.

Woman wearing a combat jacket. Image from

Woman wearing an oversized denim Jacket. Image from

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