Fashion: 8 Outfits You Can Wear On Casual Fridays

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Casual Friday is the time to slay at the office but still, look professional. Finding that sweet spot between appropriate and chic may sometimes be difficult. You don’t want to look overdressed on Casual Friday making you the talk of the office. At the same time, you want to channel your inner fashionista. Here are some outfits that will make you the best dressed on Casual Friday.

1.      Jeans And A Trench coat

You don’t have to worry about looking professional in this outfit. The trench coat does the trick making this look boardroom-ready. You can rock it with a plain white t-shirt or a chic blouse.  Either way, you’ll definitely be slaying at the office on Casual Friday.

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2.      Floral Dress And A Blazer

This outfit brings a ray of sunshine to a rather dull corporate world. It adds a girly and fun touch which makes you stand out among the suits. However, if you have any important meetings, try to stick to darker colours. You can pull off this off with a pair of flats.

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3.      Shirt Dress

Switch the plain office shirt for a chic shirt dress. Not only does it look official but also it’s a fun outfit for Casual Friday. Shirt dresses come in a variety of designs and patterns. Finish the look with a pair of killer heels and a chic handbag.

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4.      Slip Dress Over A Turtle Neck

This look may seem a bit over the top but it comes together really nicely. Keep it subtle by wearing darker colours. Depending on your preference you can go for a short slip dress or a maxi dress. You also don’t have to worry about freezing and shining in this outfit.

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5.      Jean Shirt And A Skirt

One of the simplest ways to break the office look is with jeans. Make it a chic look with a jean shirt and pair it with a fitted skirt. It’s an easy look to put together and you’ll look the cool girl of the office. You can wear pointed heels or flats with this outfit. Just avoid sneakers.

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6.      All-black Cigarette Pants and Blouse

Create a sophisticated silhouette with this outfit. Cigarette pants are definitely a trendy look which works for a Casual Friday look. Additionally, the all black look makes it look more formal. You can slay the boardroom with this powerful and fashionable outfit.

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7.      Chino Pants And A Long-Sleeved Sweater

For men, the chino pants are the way to go on Casual Friday. They look like the khaki pants but are more comfortable and twice as stylish. Paired with a long sleeved sweater with a collared shirt underneath, you’ll be the office heartthrob.

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8.      Full Suit With A T-shirt

If you don’t feel like ditching the suit, you can alternate the collared shirt with a t-shirt. To be honest, this is one of my favourite office looks for Casual Friday. It doesn’t go against the traditional look too much maintaining the professionalism while still keeping it fun.

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