Careers: How To Deal With Pressure At The Workplace

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We work in different contexts, but with time, we are bound to face pressure from different facets of our lives. This could be from the work we do (deadlines), our personal life (conflicting demands) or even the people we work with (low salary, excess workloads).

When stress takes a toll on what makes us happy even if it’s our work it can get overwhelming. This could lead to chronic stress, which can be harmful to our emotional and physical health. Therefore, with these eight simple tips, learn how to deal with pressure at the workplace for a healthier and productive you.

  1. Prioritize

Sometimes pressures at the workplace emanate from not being able to say NO causing you to take on more than you can handle. Always keep a project management record (soft wares like Trello, Pomodoro can help) to help keep track on what’s due, what needs to be done and by when. This can give you the push you need when you have to say no additional tasks. 6 Lifestyle Changes To Make For A More Productive Year

  1. Be positive

Your personal attitude has a direct effect on your job. So do the people around you. Having a dependable network of workmates around you can increase your productivity, helping you avoid the pressures that your work brings. Therefore, invest your time in making worthwhile friendship and avoid unnecessary politics and conflicts where you work.

  1. Ask for help

Whenever you get stuck learn to ask for help instead of procrastinating and ending up with a pile of things on your to-do list. You never know how taking that basic step will affect your creativity. You might end up acing that project and redefining your potentials in levels you never imagined.

  1. Help others

Ever realized how good it feels when you help somebody solve a problem? This could be the key to handling pressure at your workplace. Through helping, you gain a sense of empowerment, connections and you learn coping strategies for different situations. A plus is that you will end up discovering the leader you are.

  1. Maintain Calm
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Situations that bring pressure at the workplace require you to keep calm so as to clear the mind and decide on how to face the situation. A calm demeanour helps you to take things in stride, which communicates that you can tackle challenges gracefully even in the face of pressure. One good way is through relaxing (take a deep breath) and meditating. This practice eases your muscle tension, helping you to achieve calm when you feel pressured or anxious. Or you could do some yoga – 10 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

  1. Go easy on the caffeine

Hello writers and coffee lovers, or are you a tea lover, No pun intended. While that taste of coffee makes the workplace, a better place taken frequently will only induce stress. For someone who wants to complete his or her daily tasks regularly to avoid pressure, you do not want to add undue stress from a mug. Chocolate is no different either. Take these stimulants in moderation as they only reduce your level of concentration.

  1. Take time out

Taking a break helps you free your mind, release pent up tension, recharge and refocus for optimal productivity. Learn to disconnect to reconnect. 5 Signs You Should Take A Mental Health Day

  1. Self-care

Make sure you get the time to rest. Eat healthily and exercise. These three factors provide significant physiological benefits and help reduce anxiety and stress, which may lead to pressure. Self-Care: Take Care Of Your Mind And Body For Better Productivity

Note: Self-care does not involve self-medicating with drugs, which can lead to unnecessary addictions and adult truancy. Resting, eating well and exercising are some of the best ways to do this. Therefore, do not let work replace these activities. Start by setting a limit to the work or personal requests that may increase your stress levels. That way you will have enough time to show love to yourself and then to those around you. I quote Deepak Chopra on self-love and empathy, “The ultimate love is that which radiates from you.”

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