Business: 5 Simple Habits At Work That Will Instantly Boost Your Productivity


Making higher profits is the aim of every business, firm or organisation. Due to this, it is vital to find suitable tips that will enhance the productivity of the firm. From the employees’ characters to the working conditions, you need to ensure that everyone and everything positively contributes to the growth of the company. Here are some simple habits that you can practise in order to improve your productivity at work.

  1. Report to Work Earlier
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Humans are known to be more active during the morning hours. This, therefore, implies that by reporting to work early enough, you get to handle the most challenging tasks in the morning. Also getting to work earlier also allows you to have better concentration since your colleagues will not come to interrupt you during the morning hours.

Reporting to work early doesn’t imply that you have to get to work by 6 AM. Getting to work by 7:15 – 7:30 AM is good enough to start off your day successfully.

  1. Carry Headphones
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To get better concentration at work, it is advisable to carry headphones to work. The headphone is known to serve crucial purposes. First, while having headphones on, you won’t get much disturbance from co-workers who keep walking within the office. Through this, you get better concentration, which brings about improved productivity.

Secondly, using headphones is recommended in areas with a lot of surrounding distractions. For example, when the office is located next to busy streets, getting noise cancelling headphones can greatly improve your concentration. Additionally, by listening to some of your favourite music, you get in the right mood for working.

  1. Keep Your Phone Away
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The use of the phone has been considered the greatest distraction at work. For increased productivity, it is vital to put the phone in airplane mode or turn the phone face down. Also, put your phone on silent – by doing this you will not be distracted by alerts like SMS, emails or calls.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep
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According to studies, 15% of workers fall asleep at work every week. Therefore, this is a behaviour that is common in workplaces. Some of the employees have the habit of sleeping early in the morning hours while others have the tendency of sleeping during the afternoon hours. According to studies conducted, sleeping at work has associated costs and workplace productivity loss. To avoid this behaviour, you need to get quality sleep at night. Sleeping for at least 8 hours is highly recommended. This implies that during the working days (Monday to Friday), you should avoid activities like partying or late drinking to save time for sleeping.

  1. Schedule Time To Read Emails
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Checking of emails will always consume a lot more time than you may expect. This will definitely waste the time which you have set aside for working, hence lowering your productivity. Therefore, you need to create a specific time for responding to emails. This can be late in the afternoon as you spare the morning for work since it is the time you are most active.

Additionally, it is also recommendable to arrange all your meetings in the afternoon. This will create ample time in the morning to handle crucial business tasks.

With these simple habits, you will definitely witness enhanced productivity. Time management is a critical factor that will help any business or organisation to boost their productivity. To meet your daily goals, arrange to undertake the challenging tasks in the morning when you are most active. Then, consider keeping away your phone and arrange for meetings and reading emails in the afternoon.

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