Lifestyle: Should You Use Non-Stick Utensils On A Gas Stove? Myths And Facts


Non-stick cookware is one of the most popular and easy to clean utensils. Ladies and cooks love this type of cookware because of the numerous advantages it comes with. Unlike rumours that surround non-stick cookware, non-stick pans are safe for use. The secret is just to use the cookware in the right way.

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In this article, you will about the facts and myths of using non-stick pans and the benefits of using these pans. You will also be informed about the factors that you should consider when buying a non-stick pan. Far from that, you will know whether you can use non-stick pans on a gas stove.

Non-stick cookware facts and myths

The biggest myth about non-stick cookware is that it is not safe for use. This is misinformation about non-stick cookware. The fact is, these utensils are very safe for use as long as various conditions are put into consideration. Non-stick pans and pots feature Teflon, which is a special coating material. When overheated, Teflon disintegrates at a molecular level producing toxic gases and particles. Among these gases and particles, there may be carcinogenic substances. If you are wondering how hot could be too hot, above 500 degrees F, Teflon starts breaking down. Therefore, you should only heat the non-stick pans up to a maximum of 500 degrees F.

At high temperatures of 660 degrees F and beyond, non-stick pans can decompose and release these strong and toxic fumes. From the 6 toxic gases that Teflon releases, 2 of them are carcinogenic. Once inhaled, you suffer from a temporary flu-like condition. The symptoms of this polymer-fume fever include fever, chills and headache. However, the fever cannot kill you but it can harm pet birds because their respiratory systems are fragile. Nonetheless, in spite of these gases being released, the chance that you can inhale enough gases to make to you sick is actually very low.


Nonstick cookware can be used safely without exposing you and your family to any risk. Use nonstick pans to cook meals that cook on medium to low heat. The meals should also cover the better part of the surface of the pan. In addition, these foods should cook quickly. Examples of such meals include pancakes, warmed up leftovers and scrambled eggs. Below are some of the precautionary measures that you should always keep in mind when using nonstick pans.

  • Never preheat when empty
  • Do not use high heat
  • Ensure your kitchen is well ventilated
  • Do not use to sear or broil meat
  • Buy heavier nonstick pans
  • Avoid damaging or chipping nonstick pans

With the precaution measures in mind, you can safely use the non-stick cookware in your kitchen. Here are some of the advantages of using non-stick cookware.

Advantages of Non-Stick Pans

Simple to Clean and Dries Faster

Unlike other pans, the non-stick pans are always simple to clean, thanks to their non-stick surface. The non-stick pans never absorb oil when cooking; hence food does not stick on the surface. In addition to this, the cookware also dries faster.

Lowers Oil Usage

The non-stick pans are known for healthy and delicious meals. This is due to the fact that they use relatively less amount of oil in cooking. Therefore, you don’t need much oil for frying or cooking your favourite dishes.

Heats Evenly

The pans are also ideal for fast and efficient cooking thanks to even heat distribution. Most of the non-stick pans have got flat bottoms. This implies that heat will be distributed uniformly when cooking. Due to this, you get to save the gas and fuel needed for cooking.

Scratch Resistant

Due to the heavy duty construction with superior durability, the non-stick pans are safe to use. They are scratch resistant and, therefore, serve you for years. When using the pans, you should get an appropriate spoon to ensure that it serves for years.

Stylish Design

The elegant look of the non-stick cookware is one thing that differentiates them from other types of cookware. They are stylish products with modern technology to give the kitchen a polished and sophisticated look. Even after long-term use, they will always remain elegant and stylish.

Disadvantages of Non-Stick Pan

In spite of being the best type of cookware to use in your kitchenette, the non-stick pans have got one challenge; they are not ideal for cooking under high temperatures. They only suit gas stoves under 500-degrees F of heat.

From the information above, it is very clear that the non-stick pans are great for use on the gas stoves. Your major consideration should be the heat output, which should be below 500-degrees F. The pans are easy to clean, uses less oil, and don’t scratch; hence ideal for your kitchen. To find the best non-stick pan, you should first consider features and factors like the coating, material, dishwasher safe, weight, size, and oven safe among others.

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