Product Review: Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner Is Worth A Try

Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner

Huddah Monroe has managed to create a cosmetic empire from scratch. While we’re busy distracted by her online antics, the girl is hard at work which reflects in her products. That said, she launched her affordable and easily accessible makeup line, Huddah Cosmetics, back in 2016 with matte lipsticks. The line has since grown to include eyeshadow palettes, makeup wipes and eyeliner (a personal favourite).

When I bought Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner through Jumia, nothing much crossed my mind. I just thought “Hey, I want to give eyeliner a shot and here is one.” I noticed that many people shy away from eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliner. Yes, things can get messy but I quickly learned the power of a good eyeliner. This little makeup gem is everything.

I’ve had a previous disappointing experience with liquid eyeliner before. It dried up too fast. The applicator wasn’t pointy enough so I always ended up with a crooked and patchy winged liner. It wasn’t a good look so I gave up on it until I found good quality eyeliner.

When my package immediately and try it out and I did.

The Package

It’s one of those products that look better when you see it up close. The camera does not do it justice. The colours are more vibrant and I loved the matte finish. The box is black with blush pink details and tribal prints on it. When it arrived, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I wanted to unwrap its elegant packaging. It’s small, weighing 5 grams but I can assure you, it goes a very long way. Plus, it can fit anywhere from your small makeup bag to your handbag.

Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner

The bottle is a glossy black with the logo written in gold. It’s beautiful to look at and you won’t feel embarrassed about removing it in front of people.

The Product

Whether you like a subtle wing or a dramatic one, Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner will help you achieve it. It so smooth and the application goes on effortlessly. If you know about eyeliner, then you know you need a steady hand. Any tension will make your wing look crooked. I must say that a couple of months down the line, and the product is still as sleek as the first day.

It has a very pigmented black colour. This is both a good and bad thing as it sometimes, comes off as overly dramatic when you want to achieve a simple look. I hope that in the future she comes up with more colours. However, it’s very beautiful and pops well.

Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner dries fairly fast, lasts all day and comes off easily using a makeup remover of some water. it’s not waterproof but you can swim in it and it will still be on (kinda).

Wearing Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner

The Cost

If you’re looking for an affordable and quality product, Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner is the one. It goes for Ksh 300 on their official website. You get value for your money with this product as it lasts for long. I’ve used mine for almost 5 months now and I love it.

All in all, Huddah Cosmetics Eyeliner is an amazing product and I’m absolutely in love with it.  I’d highly recommend it.

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