Food Review: B&C Fillet & Monster Frog Cocktail At News Cafe, Sarit Centre

B&C fillet with Monster from from News Cafe

I might just have found my new favourite place to eat. Everything about News Cafe, Sarit Center will leave you staring in awe – and that cocktail menu, though!! The food menu is equally rich with a variety of selection including vegetarian options. Anyway, I was spoilt for choice at this restaurant plus the ambience was just my type which made the experience even more pleasant.

I decided to play it safe and ordered B&C fillet for my meal. The B&C stands for bacon and cheese topped on a 200-gram steak which tasted so good. The meal came out sizzling hot and after 10 Instagram pictures, I was ready to dig in. It comes with a side of potato wedges which are ordinary fries in layman terms. I was a bit disappointed to find this out as I expected real potato wedges. Either way, the fries were well-prepared and I liked them.

B&C Fillet with a side of fries from News Cafe

On the other hand, the B&C fillet was mind-blowing. Just a forewarning, if you don’t like bacon or cheese, there are other fillet options on the menu. This meal was mouthwatering with every bite. The cheese melts in your mouth while the bacon adds an interesting twist to the fillet. Additionally, the meat was tender and very tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and I’d recommend it for a quick lunch or dinner plans.

The meal cost Ksh 2,000 which, to be quite honest, was a bit expensive for what I was getting. There are cheaper meals on the menu, though.

I’m more experimental when it comes to drinks and News Cafe is the place to try out all sorts of cocktails. After going through the long list, I went for the Monster Frog based on a friend’s suggestion. The presentation had me shook. It’s green in colour hence the name, topped with loads of ice and garnished with liquorice candy. I almost felt bad for drinking it as it was so visually appealing. Once again, I took a number of pictures then went in.

Monster Frog cocktail from News Cafe

I knew what I was getting myself into since the Monster Frog cocktail had more than 5 different alcoholic beverages in it including rum, vodka and gin – and Monster Energy drink. I’m not going to lie, I got a bit too tipsy but that was the point. However, this wasn’t the best drink for a date night. Did I mention it comes in a really huge glass? One or two of those cocktails and you’ll be good for the night. News Cafe also has a vibrant nightlife so you might want to consider it for your next turn up plans.

The cocktail cost Ksh 650 and was also my favourite part about News café apart from its beautiful décor.

I’d give the whole experience at News Cafe a 3.7-star rating. They came through with the cocktail. However, their food wasn’t all that. I would only go back for the cocktail.

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