Parenting: 10 Must Haves For A New Mum

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Being a new mum is a bittersweet experience. The excitement of having your bundle of joy could soon be clouded by worry and anxiety about everything. Yes, you may have read all the books and articles on baby items, had a successful baby shower and get endless advice from your family. However, you still feel like you don’t have enough information on what you really need as a new mom. Well, guess what? Here’s another article telling you what you need.

1.      Diapers

This is a bit obvious but many new mums underestimate how many diapers they need. As mentioned in a previous article 7 Things To Know About Motherhood, newborn babies poop a lot. Make sure you have more than what you really think you need – by a lot. The last thing you need is to run out of diapers in the middle of the night.

2.      Car Seat

Unless you plan on holding your baby every time you’re in a car (which isn’t safe), make sure you get a car seat. Ensure that it’s also the correct seat depending on your baby’s age. Yes, sister. Car seats are not a one size fits all. However, you can save on the cost by getting a detachable stroller that converts into a car seat.

3.      Teething Toys

Once your baby starts getting her biters in, she’s going to turn into a baby shark and it won’t be as cute as the song. Chew toys not only keep her from biting you but also, they help soothe her gums so she’s not as irritable. Get them as soon as possible.

4.      Nursing Gear

Nursing is a delicate procedure that requires the new mom to be in the zone so as to produce adequate milk. Apart from making sure everything is hygienic, you and your baby also need to be comfortable.   Some must-have nursing gear includes a nursing bra, nursing pillow, cover up, burp cloths and of course, some nipple cream.

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5.      Breast Pumps

You might think you don’t need it now but wait until it’s in the middle of the day, your baby is asleep and your breasts are full of milk. Pumping milk won’t reduce its value in any way. In fact, it’s advisable to pump milk whenever you feel like it’s in plenty so as to have some stock in case you run out or need to get out of the house.

6.      Changing Pad/Mat

Changing diapers is usually the least fun part about being a new mom but someone has to do it. To make your work and laundry less, use easy-to-clean changing mats whenever you need to change your baby. Ensure the mats are waterproof to avoid any leakage and simply wipe your mat when you’re done.

7.      Baby Soap

Baby products are expensive but so are hospital bills. Babies have really sensitive skin which is prone to eczema and other skin infections. Therefore, avoid using ordinary soap and instead buy some baby-specific soap. Ensure that their towel is made from soft fabric as well.

8.      Warm Clothes

Your baby needs to be in a beanie and a pair of socks almost always. This keeps them warm as their tiny bodies are not capable of providing ample heat. While shopping, pick warmer materials like cotton and cashmere over lighter ones.

9.      Cooler

You can’t always rely on electricity to keep your milk fresh. Additionally, when you travel with your baby, you’ll need somewhere to store their milk bottles. Get one with adequate space depending on your child’s needs and one that can also fit in your car.

10. Children’s Books

It’s never too soon to start reading to your child. They understand the language from as early as 23 weeks and pictures on books spark their curiosity. In fact, a Stanford study discourages parents from exposing their children to television until they are over 2 years old.

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