Friend To Foe: 5 Things That Can Turn Your Bestie Into Your Worst Enemy

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Can you remember your childhood friend whom you made promises together to forever remain friends? Are you still friends with them to date? Well…. If you are, yours is a special case because most childhood friendships are already broken probably because you were never aware of obstacles ahead. It is common to have a childhood best friend, who, with time, you realize that friendship is fading away. Since this, unfortunately, happens all the time, you can use this information to your advantage.

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Once you are aware that your friendship can end, you are in a better position to protect it. Therefore, if you have a bestie whom, you spent time together when you were young, attended the same schools and lived in the same house while on campus, you can learn how to best protect your friendship and forever remain friends. Here are some of the things that can really hurt your long-term friendship. It is advisable to handle them with care when you two are involved in order to ensure that your friendship withstands the test of time.

  1. Relationships

Relationships have been major issues that have ended most friendships. For example, when you got a friend who doesn’t like your partner, it becomes challenging for your friend to continue visiting or spending time with you. This is because he/she finds it very uncomfortable to stay around you when your partner is present.

Additionally, your friendship can easily be broken when you realize that your best friend is cheating or is in a relationship with your girl/boyfriend.  Therefore, a friend whom you trusted most with your partner may end up breaking your relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Consequently, when this happens, it becomes the end of your friendship and possibly the start of enmity between the two of you.

  1. Money
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Friends are always there to support us when we need support. Therefore, it is not unusual to borrow money from your friend whenever you need some and they are in a position to provide. Nonetheless, you should also be aware that according to studies, money has been considered as one of the major issues that end friendships. 10 Kenyan Rules for Lending between Friends

In most cases, when borrowing money from a friend, you always promise to pay back as soon as you can. However, this isn’t always the case as most friends take advantage of the friendship and delay repaying back the money they had borrowed. Worse still, some people fail to pay back the money completely. Your friend may feel that the money is not worth destroying your friendship but with time, if you continue taking advantage of their kindness, you will notice that you two are growing distant from each other. As a result, you two might end up hating each other and finally, end your friendship after a long period of silence.

  1. Competition

When you were kids, competition was normal and pretty cool for both parties. However, since imitation is considered the highest form of flattery, there are things you don’t wish your friend to have or access. For example, you never want to share the same style, especially if they look prettier, you don’t want him/her to go to a better campus than you, you never want him/her to get a better paying job than you or in some cases, even marry or get married before you do. When you fail to understand one another and can’t accept each other’s individuality, then selfishness will finally break your friendship. Do not get me wrong, genuine competition is healthy between friends but unhealthy competition will definitely break your friendship. Relationships: 7 Reasons Why Sometimes Competitiveness Is Good For Friendships

  1. Telling Secrets
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Are you a friend that can be trusted with your best friend secrets? If you value your friendship, you should also value their secrets as well. There are certain secrets that your best friend only shares with you and no one else, not even their family or the people they are dating. They do this because they trust you and of course, they do not expect that you will spread the information, all over.

In any case, when such secrets are leaked, that is most likely going to spell the end of your friendship. They can no longer trust you and they will also feel betrayed. Saying sorry may never be enough to bring back what you had. Therefore, if you are not ready to lose your friend, do not leak their secrets to anyone. It is their story to tell.

  1. Lack of Support

A true friend is one that is always there for you. He/she should give you full support with your idea or plans. For example, when your friend tells you he/she wishes to start a business or become a teacher, the best thing you should do is give your support. Some friends may feel jealous and fail to offer the support needed. This is likely going to result in a lack of communication between both of you, which finally breaks the friendship. This is because anything apart from support will make your friend feel like you are hateful, envious or full of jealousy.

These are some of the things that friends fail to handle with care and at the end of it all, they end up terminating friendships. A good friend is very important in life. You should, therefore, always protect your friendship at all costs and offer your support when necessary. Therefore, avoid anything that will break it and ensure that your friendships last the longest they can. Money, relationships, and telling secrets are considered the biggest enemies of friendship.

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