Entertainment: 5 Reasons You Should Listen To The 2 Dope Queens Podcast

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2 Dope Queens is a podcast hosted by two black women, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, who talk about political issues like LGBTQ, black culture and diversity. They also discuss less serious topics – literally. The two women host some of their standup comedian friends in many episodes adding a humorous touch to their podcast. If you’ve followed their journey since they aired over three years ago, you know that these BFFs have come a long way. It’s sad to see them leave the platform as they leave very big shoes to be filled. Here are some reasons you should listen to 2 Dope Queens.

1.      They Empower Women

2 Dope Queens have used their platform to show that two women can work together without rivalry or jealousy. The girls have remained friends throughout their journey and maintained close ties. In one of their recent podcasts, they talked about their Coachella experience and the audience can feel strong ties years later. Additionally, they’ve given their female comedian colleagues airtime on their show which shows that women can support other women.

2.      There’s Something For Everyone

Who doesn’t love comedy? Whether you’re a woman or man, 2 Dope Queens caters to their audience. Despite their title, they address issues affecting all genders.  They host a number of special guests who give their firsthand experience on different issues. For instance, in their Dad Bods episode, the talk about the beauty of dad bods and how men struggle with body image as much as women. Apart from that, the queens talk about relationships and sex which everyone can relate to.

3.      They’re Hilarious

Did I mention they are comedic geniuses? You’ll be catching your breath from laughter while listening to their podcast. Their comedic style is mainly improvisation. Therefore, you’re able to follow their conversation while still cracking up from time to time. They also don’t hold back and share their embarrassing stories which might be the reason for their popularity.

2 Dope Queens poster image from https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/dopequeens

4.      They Promote Inclusivity

If you’re looking for a podcast where you can feel at home, 2 Dope Queens is here for you. Many of their fans are still coming to terms with the end of their podcast era. However, they’ve built a huge online community and keep fans posted on their upcoming shows and happenings. Jessica Williams told Elle Magazine that she plans on starting an introverted black girl blog on mental health and a women’s shoe line for sizes 11 and up.

5.      The Celebrity Guests

Have you ever wondered what Michelle Obama, Lupita Nyong’o and other celebrities would sound like if they had a podcast? Well, 2 Dope Queens have had the honour to host these celebrities on their show. Their last celebrity appearance was Michelle Obama in an episode dubbed Karaoke With Michelle Obama who spoke about her memoir, her hair routine and what it was like being the First Lady. Their interviews are always light-hearted even with VIP guests like Michelle Obama.

2 Dope Queens is jam-packed with entertainment and insights on issues affecting black people. We’re sad to see them go but we’ll still keep up with their journey. You can listen to this podcast here.

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