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Singapore is an economic giant, extensively urbanized so expect a thrill of adventure and new places to visit that will make fairy tales of Utopia a reality. Located on the south coast of Malaysia, Singapore is one of the high tech countries in Asia among the leading information and technology giants like Japan, China and South Korea. It is one of the 20 smallest countries in the world with a population of 5.8 million people as of 2019. It’s also the country known for its mechanical forest with flowing, vertical gardens and Supertrees that generate solar power.

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Singapore is also among the wealthiest countries in the world so as you budget your trip, factor in that you can spend around $155 for a tasting menu at lunch and $500 for a full meal at dinner.  In addition, about 2 restaurants are opened each day in this lion city. So guess where you’ll find the key to a man’s heart?

The following are facts you should bear in mind before we delve any further into the sceneries that will make your trip to Singapore an adventure.

  • There are three modes to get around in Singapore. Either by Taxi, bus or the MRT.
  • Install the Grab app to get around in the city.
  • The country uses the SGD (Singaporean Dollar) as the currency of choice.
  • It is a bilingual country, therefore people speak English and either Tamil, Mandarin or Malay.
  • The weather is consistent and humidity is very high (167 days of rain in a year). An umbrella will save you the bustle.

Now let’s get into the top 10 places to visit in Singapore

  1. Gardens by the Bay

As mentioned earlier Singapore has Utopia in the form of artificial mechanical forests and gardens that contribute to the flora in the country.  The super trees highlighting the beauty of this scenery are fitted with solar photovoltaic systems, which convert solar energy into power, making the trees light up at night. A log way passes between the trees enabling tourists to see the supertrees up close and the city from the rooftop. These gardens compose part of Singapore’s reclaimed land and you can find this scenery at Marina Garden central region of Singapore.

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  1. Marina Bay Sands
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One of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Singapore. Known for its world-class dining and entertainment indulge in a different experience from a hotel that has the largest infinity rooftop pool in the world.

Oh, there’s a sky park for base jumping if you’re just too bored from seeing all the great things and want to get some adrenaline pumping.

  1. Eateries and restaurants

Singapore is praised for being one of the apex melting points for culinary foods. With a blend of Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Arab, Indian, Thai and English culture consider yourself sated with a tapestry of cuisines and options to choose from. All you need is to show up in China town hungry.

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  1. The National Museum

Marvel at the most beautiful buildings around the city that will leave you in awe before visiting the National Museum. A cultural hub in this island. This is the flagship museum among four museums in Singapore, that will inspire you with stories and culture about this island.

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Speaking of culture. Visit the Buddha tooth relic temple and museum, Masjid Sultan mosque, The Palau Ubin, and The National Gallery.

  1. Esplanade

An innovative architecture that houses the best performing arts centre in Singapore. This is more than just a building with aesthetic value. Each detail has a blow the mind function that will give you an out of this world experience. There’s more to this Durian than meets the eye. The spikes on the domes are designed to let in light in shapes and angles while at the same time keeping out the heat.

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The performing art centre is located at the Downtown Core near the mouth of the Singapore River.

  1. Night Zoo-Safari

A nocturnal night zoo that gives you that camping experience in the middle of the night. If you’re one to be curious about what wild animals do at night, Mandai Lake Road is the place to find out.

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How jungle can it get?

  1. Botanic Gardens

Located at the fringe of Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping district, this is a true manifestation of nature at its best. These are beautiful tropic and orchid gardens. The Botanical Gardens is open from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight every day of the year and there is no admission fee. Well, except the National Orchid Garden which is the main attraction within the Botanic Garden.

A gazebo known as Bandstand found in Botanic Gardens. This is where music was played in the 1930s. Image from
  1. Jurong Bird Park
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Do you like bird watching? Jurong Bird Park is a breezy recreational space located on the western slope of Jurong Hill. It hosts more than 400 species of birds in one place. Talk of the garden of Eden.

  1. Haw Par Villa
Image from Haw par Villa.

Get to enjoy the Chinese Legends, history, folklore, and the illustrations of Confucianism in a park that highlights Chinese history. It is located along Pasir Panjang Road just off Singapore’s west coast highway. Who doesn’t relish experiencing a new culture?

  1. Merlion

We cannot forget to mention the iconic statue and symbol of Singapore located near the Central Business District. Just like the famous tusks of Mombasa, this is a landmark that assures you, you are in Singapore. Half fish, half lion. It is called the Merlion.

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