Entertainment: 5 Kenyan Movies To Add To Your Watch List

A scene from Rafiki image from https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/sep/14/refiki-director-banned-kenyan-film-about-lesbian-romance-sues-government

Kenyan movies are making waves in the local and international scene. Over the years, we’ve witnessed an upward trend in the quality of local content, especially in the film industry. In turn, this has led to more movies getting international recognition by the likes of Cannes Film Festival and The Oscars Awards.  It’s no doubt that Kenyan filmmakers have been hard at work and it shows in the quality of local movies. Here are some Kenyan movies you can kick back and enjoy.

  1. Supa Modo

This Oscar-nominated movie will leave you teary-eyed and proud to be Kenyan. It focuses on a young girl with a terminal illness. Her dream is to become a superhero and with the help of her family, village members and vivid imagination, she’s able to fulfil this dream. This movie depicts the togetherness of African culture. It’s a moving story that shows the lengths a mother will go to for their child. Additionally, it doesn’t focus on the child’s illness but her “superpower” abilities making it an entertaining movie to watch with the whole family. Here’s the trailer.

  1. Rafiki
A scene from Rafiki image from https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/sep/14/refiki-director-banned-kenyan-film-about-lesbian-romance-sues-government

This once banned movie caught international attention for its fearless portrayal of the LGBTQ community in Kenya and Africa at large. Rafiki, a Swahili word meaning friend, is a Kenyan film about a love that grows between two women from two political rival families.

Zena’s father runs a small shop where she helps. It’s here that she meets and starts to flirt with Ziki. They spend most of their days together to the dismay of Ziki’s friends who attack Zena. However, Ziki comes to her rescue and they continue with their secret relationship. The movie represents an important yet undermined community in Kenya. It addresses the stigma that homosexual people undergo in this country hence worth watching. Watch the trailer.

3. Subira

Subira - Kenyan Film - 2018 - Poster Image via: https://bit.ly/2RRu7sE
Subira – Kenyan Film – 2018 – Poster
Image via: https://bit.ly/2RRu7sE

Subira is a story about a girl who dared to defy her fate. Growing up, she was a wide-eyed girl who dreamt of swimming in the ocean. However, her strict Muslim background did not allow her to live out her dreams. Instead, she was expected to learn household chores and practice her wifely duties. The film features Brenda Wairimu as “Subira”. Additionally, the script is set in Lamu and written in Swahili which celebrates the coastal culture. Watch the trailer here.

  1. Plan B

Some of Kenya’s best movies come in the form of romantic comedies. From the likes of Disconnect, Plan B follows suit and delivers a rib-cracking movie worth watching. It brings the East and West together by featuring Kenya’s acting duo Catherine Kamau and Sarah Hassan alongside Nigeria’s Daniel Etim Effiong. They bring to life the story of Lisa Waweru who gets pregnant after a one night stand. Her best friend is as extra as they get trying to get the alleged father to pay for the baby’s upkeep. Watch the trailer here.

  1. Poacher

This short film captures the plight of elephants and the poaching epidemic that riddles the country. A desperate, poor farmer comes across a stash of ivory and decides to steal them but is caught in the process. This leads to a high pursuit of the real poachers who are also after their tusks. It’s an emotional film that focusses on wildlife conservation. The film was shot in Tsavo National Park and is only 80 minutes long. Watch the trailer here.

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