Fashion: Dressing Up In This Weather That Can’t Decide Whether To Be Hot Or Cold

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The rains undoubtedly did us a favour in the recent past, finally showing up to the party, fashionably late. They seem not to have established a certain pattern yet as the showers come abruptly and might ruin your entire day. We could blame this on the horrendous climate change that the human population has been on the forefront on but that’s a story for another day.

Just because the weather cannot make a decision does not mean that you should be unable to. Early cold mornings may turn into warm, sunny afternoons and thereafter heavy dark clouds signifying rain coupled up with thunderstorms here and there. Here are a few simple ways to dress up for the bipolar weather.

1. Layer Up

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If you need to be in the office by 8 in the morning, you will probably leave the house at around 6 depending on the distance and how bad morning traffic is on your side. Layering simply includes putting on clothes that are easy to put on and remove when the temperatures rise. Trench coats, denim jackets, scarfs and sweaters are among clothing you can layer up with.

My personal favourites are quarter sleeved sweaters and shirts which really come in handy when it’s chilly and you still want to look good. The secret to layering up is having something light inside. Do not pair up a trench coat and a pull neck in this weather, you will eventually regret it. 5 Ways Of Staying Warm In The Office

2. Closed Shoes

I know sandals are cute but for God’s sake, you had the scorching January to try out the variety of sandals in your closet. It is time for your other shoes to shine. Feet are extremely sensitive and most often if your feet are cold, then your whole body is freezing. Nothing is as bad as cold feet. Comfortable canvas, doll shoes and boots are the way to go. They not only keep your feet happy and warm but also ensure you look classy. Fashion: 5 Types Of Shoes That Will Make You Stand Out

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3. Dresses and Skirts

Most corporate offices require a meticulous dress code from Mondays through Fridays. Since you cannot wear comfortable jeans, you might have to put on those long pencil skirts. Pairing them up with a brightly coloured top and definitely layering up will do the magic for you.

Bodycon dresses should also flourish in your closet as they not only offer a glimpse of your figure but also maintain the heat in your body. Win, win situation. If you have a tiny dress, you could pair it up with stockings which you can remove in the washrooms when it warms up.

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4. Pants

If you do not have a strict dress code rule, your pants need to prosper. High waist jeans paired up with a simple classy top or a plain t-shirt that needs to be tucked in may be a simple resort to ensuring you are not freezing in the morning yet still remain comfy when the sun suddenly appears. Leggings are also versatile when it comes to this type of weather as they are breathable but also prevent heat from escaping from your body.

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Always have an umbrella in your bag. You never know when the rains will start pouring. You may also carry a pair of extra shoes either in your car or leave them at the office. Stay fashionably dressed during this period.

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