Interesting Things To Do In A Matatu While Stuck In Traffic


The snarling Nairobi traffic is known for bringing tears down your malnourished cheeks (because what is this economy?!). If you are the building castles type, I am sure you have an alternate universe where you get married, have kids and die at 90 years while still in the scorching heat. Let’s not get started on the passengers that simply refuse to open up the windows! Don’t they understand the meaning of death?

I would advise you to take a power nap whilst waiting to get to your location but considering how our country is set up, you might wake up with nothing but your brain cells as your belonging.  Here are some few interesting things you can do while stuck in traffic.

1. Listen to Podcasts. Everybody is now listening to podcasts and you can understand why. There is mindblowing content done in podcast format that would be of delight to you. Ranging from conspiracy theories to uplifting to hilarious podcasts, there is definitely something for everyone. Try Castbox which has a lot of free content you can listen to. You can download Cast box on your Android or the Podcast app on your iPhone absolutely free of charge! Kenyan Podcasts You Should Listen To

2. Brainstorm. Do you want to have some peace and quiet for some few minutes to enable you to come up with a brilliant idea? Or you actually do not mind the noise to think about a superb state of the art pitch that will leave your boss mindblown? Well, worry no more! Here is the opportunity. Maybe one or two hawkers might distract you or you might get a stubborn conductor who refuses with your 1000 bob change but normally, you have the opportunity to use this time wisely. Seize it! Girls… I didn’t say come to conclusions and get ideas to start a fight with your man.

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3. Watch A Movie.  With the advent of technology and smartphones, there is literally nothing that is deemed impossible. If you are obsessed with the latest episode of Game of Thrones and the spoilers on Twitter are killing you, just download the episode and watch it in the comfort of your matatu. You might need to hold your phone at an angle because we all know Nairobian thieves detect smartphones miles away.

4. Read A Book. I do a happy dance every single time I spot someone reading in a mat. It gives me profound joy. Sometimes, our minds need an escape of some sort and a book does exactly that. If you have or are planning to start a book but time seems not to like you, open up the damn novel when you enter that mat. You’d be surprised by how much time would go by without you noticing.

Bearing in mind the numerous and diverse online books and apps, you have no excuse as to why you have not read a book you have purposed to. This is also the time to catch up on your favourite blog posts. If you are reading this in a mat, well hi, you are way ahead of your time! Congrats. You may also do some final touches on your school revision if you are heading for a test. Books: 5 Apps That Will Make You A Better Reader

5. Reply to e-mails. You might roll your eyes at me because this does not sound any least interesting. However, imagine the joy you would experience when you get home without having to do more work you carried from the office. That’s more than interesting yes?

There are numerous ways to make sure you do not get grumpy and moody because of the things you cannot control such as traffic. Well unless you have your own chopper!

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