Lessons We Can All Learn From Muslims During The Ramadan Period

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At the mention of Ramadan, scores of people from different faiths immediately anticipate the coveted Eid Ul Fitr. Coveted I say because Muslims are known for their generosity at this time of the year where they share their meals and their homes. Can I mention that Muslims have a PhD in cooking whilst celebrating Idd? However, for the Muslims, it isn’t just about abstaining from food, drinks and sex. There is a far more important and spiritual side of the Ramadan.

Considering our fellow brothers and sisters are in the holy month of Ramadan, we could learn quite a lot and emulate the values shared during this period. Being the month where the Quran was revealed to Mohammed, Muslims globally renew their focus on prayer and increase their recitation of the Scriptures.
During Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to be kind and peaceful. They are not to bring any harm with their words or cause any conflict among their brothers and sisters. Whether religious or not, we can all come to a consensus that kindness is the ultimate virtue.

Bearing in mind how cruel the world has become, it is important to always be kind to one another, regardless of the situation at hand. Ramadan teaches moral fortitude and how to treat fellow humans with respect and love. Imagine a world where we all loved one another?

Muslims all over the world enact gracious pious giving. While fasting, they are able to experience hunger, vulnerability and the pangs of thirst that the less fortunate experience on a daily. Charity work among the Muslim Brotherhood is a sight for sore eyes as they share their food, clothes belonging amongst other things regardless of their race, gender or religion. Mercy is heavily granted to everyone around. This is a lesson we all should take home.

There is something about giving. About showing empathy and creating loving bonds with the poor and the less fortunate around us. Considering how impossible it has become to survive in today’s world, sharing your time, energy and the blessings that have been provided amongst the poor is something we all should often do.

Ramadan is a period where the self is neglected. The needs of eating, drinking are set aside so as to remember and worship Allah. This month helps to establish discipline and self-control. In a fast-moving world, these are in-depth qualities that we need not shun. Our country has been paralyzed by corruption amongst leaders who are unwilling to practice discipline amongst themselves. It is sad to see a nation going down the drain just because a few leaders lacked the virtue of self-control.

Reflections on tolerance are key during Ramadan. This is a peaceful period where Muslims are required to tolerate their brothers and sisters who are not part of their religion and instead share with them whatever they have. Kenya is a country blessed with diverse ethnic groups, religion and sexual orientation. We should learn tolerance and embrace one another’s diversity. It is a blessing to have a myriad of religions in place. Tolerance helps us understand this.

As the Ramadan period almost comes to an end, we should reflect and take to heart some of the lessons from our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

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