Beauty: How To Prevent Dark Spots On Your Legs After Shaving

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While hairy legs may keep you warm, they are not the perfect match for a skirt or a short dress. Sometimes shaving your legs can leave you disappointed when after a few days you start to notice dark spots on your legs. These dark spots which form after shaving are small open holes which hold bacteria, dirt or oil. Also known as strawberry legs, they can leave you conscious prompting you to wear sheer pantyhose when wearing a dress or using a concealer which doesn’t do that much concealing when it gets on your clothes. Hence, these are a few ways on how to prevent dark spots on your legs after shaving.

  1. Mind your shave

Improper shaving is one major cause of dark spots. It causes ingrown hair which leads to bumps and dark spots, especially if you have thick or coarse hair. Therefore, when shaving ensure that you apply a shaving gel to soften the hair on your legs and that the razor/ shaving blade you are using is sharp to avoid irritation.

You want to avoid repetitive shaving on one area when you try to get rid of small hairs. Therefore, avoid using the same blade for more than two shaves.  If the blade is not giving you the desired results, you could always opt for other methods of shaving like sugar waxing or using hair removal creams. Be cautious when using hair removal creams. As some may end up irritating the skin more and not giving you that clean shave you so desire.

  1. Exfoliate

After shaving, exfoliate your legs to remove dead cells and prevent dirt from clogging in your pores. Exfoliating regularly will also leave your legs feeling silky and very smooth.

  1. Shaving hacks

To ensure that you get a clean shave and avoid irritating your skin, do not start shaving immediately on dry skin. Instead, soak your skin in warm water for a few minutes (5-10) prior to shaving, to open up your pores. This softens the hair on your skin and creates a foundation for an easy shave hence preventing razor bumps and dark spots.  Remember to shave in the direction of your hair growth to get rid of the excess hair, then against your grain for a cleaner shave.

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  1. Use cold water

Finish off by splashing cold water on your legs after you shave. This helps close the pore preventing dirt and bacteria from forming and entering in the pores.

  1. Moisturise

Pat dry your skin instead of rubbing. This will prevent irritating the skin in case you have cuts or redness on your legs. Apply a moisturizer or lotion to keep your legs soft and reduce the burning sensation/itching caused by redness.

Remember to allow the hair to grow back after shaving. Over shaving can cause razor burns and lead to frequent redness.

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