Health & Technology: Tiba Yako – Using Mobile Phone Technology To Manage Diabetes & Hypertension

(L -R)- Isaiah Okoth, Country Director PharmAccess, Reuben Magoko National Chairman KDDA, Angela Siteyi Project Director, Pharm Access and Ayman Eissa, Head of Human Pharmaceutical Subsaharan Africa, BoehringeIngelheim

Knowledge is power and prevention is better than cure. The adage remains relevant centuries later and so in almost every aspect of our lives particularly in terms of our health. When someone is suffering from diabetes or Hypertension – also known as high blood pressure – he/she needs awareness and access to medical care so as to manage the disease.

For a diabetic patient, they need to know the type of diabetes they are suffering from, what is the appropriate medication to take and where they can access this medication. Same goes for someone who is suffering from hypertension. You need to be aware of your health choices so that you can make the necessary lifestyle changes and avoid future episodes or worse, deteriorating health.

Over 50% of patients with diabetes or hypertension are not aware of their diagnosis, and many have scarce knowledge of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or are not compliant with treatment.

In Kenya, people living with lifestyle diseases still face challenges related to awareness and access to medical attention. While early screening is also critical in order to avoid complications in the long term, it remains a challenge for someone living at the grassroots. This is due to inadequate information or the lack of it altogether.

Tiba Yako is a mobile technology-enabled program, that drives healthcare awareness, as well as access and quality of hypertension and diabetes management.

Spearheaded by Boehringer Ingelheim, and PharmAccess, the Tiba Yako mobile program was launched in Kenya to empower diabetes and hypertension patients by equipping them with information so that they can take charge of their disease management.

 ‘‘Digital technology supports and enables direct access to care. It enables people to self-manage and control their diseases from home. The Tiba Yako program supports hypertension and diabetes patients and enables them to take control of their own health’’. Isaiah Okoth, Country Director- PharmAccess said during the launch.

With the high rate of mobile penetration in Kenya, this mobile platform can be used to increase healthcare access for many who are currently underserved.

(L -R)– Isaiah Okoth, Country Director PharmAccess, Reuben Magoko National Chairman KDDA, Angela Siteyi Project Director, Pharm Access and Ayman Eissa, Head of Human Pharmaceutical Sub Saharan Africa, Boehringer Ingelheim. Photo – Courtesy of Boehringer Ingelheim

What does this mean for people living with Diabetes or Hypertension in Kenya? 

Chronic diseases such as diabetes have serious implications if left uncontrolled, – including microvascular damage to blood vessels, and microvascular damage to eyesight, nerves and feet. With Tiba Yako, patients can easily access credible information at the convenience of their home. Tiba Yako allows patients to monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels and they can send results to a doctor digitally for review.

Tiba Yako also eases access to health care, by connecting patients to clinics and health care funders through a wallet called M-TiBA. M-TIBA is the digital payment platform under Tiba Yako, which facilitates the exchange of information and payment between users. Click here to find out how it works.

Low-income patients are provided access support which they can use to co-pay for care at selected clinics in Nairobi, Kiambu and Vihiga Country.

Through affordable services, Tiba Yako creates efficient and widely accessible care for diabetes and hypertension patients in Kenya.

By targeting Nairobi, Kiambu and Vihiga county, the Tiba Yako program aims to provide care through mobile technology, breaking access and awareness barriers in hypertension and diabetes.

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