How Men Express Their Love – 4 Signs That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed

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In marriage and relationships, what women call love is different from what men believe it is. Why do you think many men are unable to come out and tell a woman what they feel? Therapists in many parts of the world have realized through therapy sessions that 90% feel vulnerable and find it hard to express their inner feelings towards women.

Do men really love? Love is expressed differently by different men and in fact, in different times in a man’s life, he views love differently. As a woman, it is up to you to realize at what point of life your man is and how he views love at that time. If you are always frustrated and waiting to hear him say “I love you,” check on these other ways he could be telling you the same thing.

  1. Bringing tokens and showing affection
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A man can give you different kind of gifts. The familiar ones being wrapped packages, flowers, candies, and unusual notes. Other times there are gifts your man can give, but you are not aware they are actually gifts. When your man spends a lot more time with you than his friends and family, he is actually saying, I love you. When he stands by you in times of difficulties, he is reaching out to you silently saying, I love you. What women should realize is that he does these things because he loves you. He may not express it in words, but indeed he puts you first.

  1. Taking you to meet his family

A man can say to you “I love you” by introducing you to his family. When you see your man taking you to his family, you mean a lot to him. This is a sure sign that he values you. Many women have always complained that they have never met their man’s family. The truth is that if this goes on for a long time, a woman should realize that the man feelings towards her are not certain.

  1. Defending you at all cost

When you see your man defend you all the time, he may be telling you, I love you quietly. He will never disrespect you in front of his friends and family. He will not discuss how you cook, clean or your sexual habits to other people in a negative way. When he discovers something has gone wrong he will ensure you are safe, without really caring whether you are right or wrong. If you were wrong about the issue he will discuss it with you in private later, after he has already taken care of it. In short, he is expressing his love to you by showing care towards you.

  1. He asks for your advice

When matters arise, men hardly talk about what they are going through at their place of work and the challenges they face every single day. When you see your man asking for your opinion or see him trying to share the challenges he is facing, he truly feels safe around you. He also trusts that his information is safe with you. He values what you will say to him. Men have ego’s by nature and when you see him coming to you for advice,  it’s a sign he deeply respects your opinion.

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