5 Relationship Stages All Long-Term Couples Go Through

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When you decide to fall in love, there are five key stages that you will definitely go through. Since not all relationships are the same, not all couples will undergo the five stages. However, for a long-term relationship, these are the five stages that each couple will definitely pass through.

Attraction and Romance

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This is the initial stage for all relationships. It is at that point that you begin to know each other. Since the stage considered to be almost perfect, some refer it to as a honeymoon or fantasy phase. Despite experiencing a lot of fun at this stage, don’t expect it to be sustainable. At this stage, you will always try to avoid conflict, spend a lot of time together, and focus on your similarities while you ignore the flaws. The duration of the phase may vary on the couples. In most cases, it is likely to last between a few weeks to two years.

Reality Sets In

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The honeymoon or fantasy stage will begin declining when reality begins creeping into the relationship. At this stage, you will definitely begin seeing the flaws in your partners plus some behaviours you may have never imagined. Even though you are still in love, you will think that your partner doesn’t seem as great as in the beginning. At this point, you will definitely wonder whether you made a wrong choice and whether it is still in love or not. It is considered the stage where most relationships break up. This stage may last for about six months or longer depending on the couple.


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This is the third stage that long-term couples will definitely go through. At this stage, you begin spending months working on your differences with the intention of making the relationship stable. Lack of communication has been considered a major problem for couples in this stage. However, when couples are able to communicate in a healthy way, it is easier to make progress. Arguments and anger resulting from small differences are common. To pass through this stage, strong communication, the ability to work together, and trust are very important.


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This is the stage where couples will begin stabilizing. After all the challenges and disappointments, you begin to work to spice up your relationship and keep the sparks alive. You can easily work through some differences. Even though you will face some challenges during this stage, the love you feel for each other will be stronger, making it easier to solve problems. This stage is likely to last for two years before progressing to the next stage.


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In the second stage, you might be wondering whether you made a wrong choice or not. However, at this last stage, you will realize that getting in this relationship was the best decision you ever made. You will feel very committed and comfortable in the relationship. You might decide to get into a commitment since you have chosen to have a future with this person. You will also have a vision for the future, which makes it easier to work as a couple.

With these stages, most of the relationships make it to the last stage and end up in marriage. Some relationships only last the first stage and break in the second stage. For a long-term relationship,  communication, perseverance, stability, and trust are essential for building the relationship.

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