Product Review: Here’s Why You Need Johnson’s Baby Aqueous Cream In Your Skin Care Routine


Do you ever substitute expensive skin care products with baby products? I do. From baby oil to Johnson’s aqueous cream, a product I discovered when I was searching for an intense moisturizer. Baby products prove to be more effective and with less adverse effects, unlike beauty creams and lotions. Since they are made for a baby’s skin, which is sensitive, it’s natural to assume that they won’t have negative effects on adults something everyone would like to avoid.

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So what is an aqueous cream? It is a creamy moisturizer used to relieve dry skin conditions such as eczema. It works by cleansing, moisturizing, providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin, which protects delicate skin against flaking/cracking. When used as a cleanser, instead of that squeaky-clean effect you get from a soap an aqueous cream adds a layer of oil on the surface of the skin, trapping water molecules beneath it hence preventing dryness. In this way, you can rest assured that your skin will stay moisturized especially during the cold weather when the skin tends to dry faster than when it’s hot.

You should know that there are two types of aqueous creams. One that contains surfactants/Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and one without.

I use the SLS free Johnsons aqueous cream, which comes in a white container covered with a blue lid. Since it is SLS free, it lacks sulphates, which tend to dry and irritate the skin when left on for a longer time. The reason why I chose this particular aqueous cream is that I wanted to use it as cleanser and moisturizer. If it contained SLS I would have to rinse it out hence using it as a cleanser but not as a moisturizer.

  • Soap substitute/cleanser

When you first apply the cream – a little goes a long way- you get this rich moisturizing sensation, which makes you doubt that the cream could actually function as a cleanser. However, what you notice later is that it get rids of all the dirt. And when you wash it off the result is a clean and dewy face. Simply it works like an oil-based cleanser. It doesn’t lather too.

Hence on a scale of 1 to 10, it stands at a 9 in terms of cleansing power. It is that good.

If your aqueous contains SLS you should be cautious on leaving it on for long. Rather use it as a cleanser, which requires you to rinse it off.

  • Moisturizer


Johnson’s baby aqueous cream on a woman’s hand

Johnson’s aqueous cream is non-greasy therefore you can use as a day or night cream. It contains jelly and oil, giving it a higher moisturizing effect than liquid oil.  That means when you apply it, be sure that your skin will stay radiant and glowing for 24 hours. It is also an emollient hence it treats and prevents skin irritation. I use the fragrance-free aqueous cream, to avoid unnecessary dryness and allergic reactions caused by fragrances.

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  • Skin care treatment (protects sensitive skin)

I share this cream with my mother who has sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Before I introduced it to her, she used to complain about her face feeling itchy. However, weeks after using the aqueous cream consistently, her facial skin changed. The itching stopped and the rashes which would form due to the irritation cleared.

Therefore, I would advise someone suffering from eczema or someone with sensitive skin to use this cream mainly because it targets these issues. It is also mild, clinically tested and dermatologically endorsed.  Another benefit is that you can find it almost everywhere at a relatively affordable price.

To let you in on a make-up secret, whenever you feel your matte foundation is too drying you can use the aqueous cream as a primer, before applying your matte foundation. The result is a dewy glow and you won’t have the same issue again.

This product is recommended for someone with dry skin. If you have oily skin you can opt to use it on dry areas or whenever you feel like you need added moisture. Otherwise, it might feel a bit heavy on oily skin. As for you with sensitive and patchy skin, say goodbye to the patches, the dryness and welcome a healthy radiant glow with Johnson’s baby aqueous cream.

The Johnson’s Baby Aqueous Cream cost Ksh. 600.


Effectiveness –  9/10

Cost – 9/10

Packaging – 8/10

Overall rating –  9/10

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