Travel: A Foodie’s Guide To Diani – Some Great Places To Eat

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Let’s face it, one of the main reasons we go to Diani and Coast, in general, is for the delicious and authentic Swahili dishes. If you ask anybody from Mombasa or its environs, they will tell you that nothing compares to the food over there. When you go to Diani, there are also amazing places to experience both local and international cuisines. Here are some good restaurants in Diani. Travel: Why you should try out these coastal delicious delights

1.      Bidi Badu Restaurant

This famous restaurant lives up to its expectations. You get some of the most delicious Swahili dishes with a magnificent view of the ocean and a live band not to mention they have amazing cocktails. The ambience makes you feel right at home as the place is always buzzing with activities and the soothing views put you at ease. It’s a nice place to have a relaxing afternoon, sample some good food and good music. Plus, their prices are very affordable.

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2.      Ali Barbour’s Restaurant

The unique cave setting makes this restaurant a must-visit while you’re in Diani. It provides a very beautiful background for your Instagram photos as well as a cosy ambience for diners. Additionally, it’s a romantic place for couples to have a nice quiet evening with the perfect mood as the entire cave is candle lit. Their menu consists of Swahili cuisine, seafood and some international cuisine accompanied by a drinks menu. Prices range from Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 9,000 which is a small price to pay for such an experience. Related – Beautiful Flamboyant in Diani blew me away: I will be back!

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3.      Shashin-Ka Japanese Restaurant

If you’re craving Sushi and Sashimi or have always wanted to try Japanese food, this is the place to go in Diani. They serve a variety of Japanese dishes including some tasty sushi made by professionals. Everything is of high quality and beautifully presented to make your mouth water. They also serve generous portions with prompt staff. The experience at this restaurant will give you a new found love for Japanese food.

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4.      Aniello’s

Italian food is like a local cuisine in Diani with its vast Italian community. However, Aniello’s is a simple Italian restaurant serving some of the best Pizza and pasta in the area. It has an inviting, family-friendly atmosphere where you can take your children for lunch. Additionally, they have a wide selection of Italian dishes to choose from and are all authentically prepared. Many local Italian families dine here so it’s a good opportunity to mingle with the locals.

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5.       Sizzlers Steak House

It’s very airy with beautiful views and a bar/restaurant setting. Their specialized meat menu includes steak, beef fillet, prawns and other delicious dishes that have a reputation in Diani. Not to mention, their prices are very reasonable. It provides a good ambience for families while catering to younger visitors as well. Their nightlife is quite vibrant with good music and ample activities.

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6. Japanese Teppanyaki at Sake Restaurant, Diani Reef Beach Resort

Diani Reef Beach Resort is full of surprises and a wonderful one is the Sake Restaurant. The Sake Oriental Restaurant offers a fusion of Japanese, Chinese & Indian cuisine. The unique thing about Japanese Teppanyaki is that you watch as your dinner is prepared in front of you. The food is cooked on an iron griddle known as a teppan. It is a show as the chef does a lot of juggling, tossing, speed cutting and serving. You can have a full course of a vegetable starter, sushi, seafood (lobster and prawns), chicken and beef, steamed vegetables, fried rice and soup. Check out our review of the restaurant – Where Cooking Meets Performance: Japanese Teppanyaki at Sake Restaurant, Diani Reef Beach Resort

If you planning on visiting Diani, make sure you experience their food culture as well by dining at some of their best restaurants. It will be worth the experience and you’ll be craving to go back for more.

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