Extravagant Parties: Stop Putting A Heavy Financial Burden On Your Friends So That You Can Have The Best Party In Town

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Another day, another reason to party, right? We’re a proud partying nation. However, there always seems to be a reason to throw extravagant parties lately. If it’s not a gender reveal party or someone’s birthday, it’s another WhatsApp group inviting you to a party you hadn’t heard about until that day. Those WhatsApp groups… Don’t get me started on them. They’re just as annoying as these extravagant parties.

We’ve made a spectacle of every milestone in life that it takes away the celebration aspect. Gone are the days when a child’s birthday party meant inviting their friends over and eating cake. In today’s world, the party will be hosted at a five-star hotel. Only a handful of children and adults will be invited and they mostly come to show off who brought the biggest gift.

For the 20-something or 30-something-year-old who’s just starting off in life, such extravagant parties could cause a huge dent in their pocket in the name of friendship. There’s a pressure to keep up with your friends and the more friends you have, the more the expenses. I’ve heard of people pulling out of a friend’s party and in turn, breaking off a friendship because of these financial caveats.

Group of friends having fun image from http://westafricalifestyle.com/5-ways-to-forget-about-your-ex/#

Throwing extravagant parties isn’t a problem. As they say, to each their own. The only problem is when you drag your friends into it expecting them to contribute to your extravagance. First, it’s rude to charge your friends for a party. Not only does it impose unnecessary expenses on them but also it creates an awkward situation. It’s worse when they can’t meet these financial expectations.

Additionally, the presumption that your friends will chip in for YOUR party is just downright absurd. The purpose of throwing a party is to celebrate your milestone within your means. There might be a few occasions where it’s acceptable to ask your friends to contribute to a party. However, if it’s another birthday party, an anniversary or pre-wedding party, keep it simple or consider your friends’ financial capabilities.

In other cases, you might get an invite to a party that doesn’t require your monetary contribution. However, it will still end up costing you a fortune. For instance, when did destination parties become a thing? The idea of hosting a party, especially as significant as a wedding, in an unnecessarily far location causes conflict among friends. Most friends will attend not to disappoint the host but it robs them of the joy of attending your event stress-free. Your wedding is not our wedding – why your Cinderella wedding is driving your friends mad

Friendships have gone from quality value addition to returning investment. Nowadays, the measurement of friendship is by how much you bring to the table in monetary value rather than emotional value. Additionally, the test of your loyalty as a friend is by your monetary contribution to a friend’s event.

It’s time to take a step back and move from throwing extravagant parties to having a simple gathering of friends. Besides, life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.

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